LAWSON "Fuwajuwa Chocolate Cake with Coffee Flavor

New Arrival Sweets at Lawson on June 6

, 2023 This page introduces the new arrival sweets at Lawson on June 6, 2023, including their prices and calories. This time, "Fuwajuwa Chocolate Cake Coffee Flavor", "Premium Roll Cake", "Gorotto Kiwi Daifuku", etc. will be available.

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* May not be available in all stores and regions.

Fuwajuwa Chocolate

Cake Coffee Fl

LAWSON "Fuwajuwa Chocolate Cake with Coffee Flavor

A chocolate cake with a "crispy, fluffy, moist" texture. The cake also has a delicate aroma of coffee. Price: ¥192. Calories 309 kcal.

Premium Roll Cake

Lawson "Premium Roll Cake

You can fully enjoy the 100% fresh cream used in this roll cake. Price: 184 yen. Calorie 220kcal.

Thoughtful Kiwi Daifuku

Lawson "Gorotto Kiwi Daifuku

Daifuku" is a fruit cake with a sweet and tasty taste. Price is 235 yen. Calories 136kcal.

Fluffy egg chiffon cake

made of domestic wheat flour
LAWSON "Fluffy egg chiffon cake made of domestic wheat

A hearty chiffon cake made with domestic wheat flour. Price: 149 yen. Calories 347kcal.

Moist Cheese Steamed Cake

Lawson "Moist Cheese Steamed Cake

Cheese steamed bread with a moist yet fluffy texture. Price: 138 yen. Calories 267kcal.

Frozen Party Coffee 229g (8.08oz)

Lawson "Frozen Party Coffee 229g

A frozen drink with the aroma of caramel and coffee. Price: 340 yen. Calories 188kcal.

Cafe Jelly Latte

Lawson "Cafe Jelly Latte

A luxurious dessert drink made with more coffee. Price: 280 yen. It contains 107 kcal.