Nogami "Yamagata white peach jam

Nogami "



White Peach

Jam" High-grade "fresh" bread specialty store "Nogami" will release "Yamagata Prefecture-produced White Peach Jam" on June 15, using fresh, seasonal white peaches. This limited-quantity jam sells out early, with many people inquiring about re-releasing it every year.

Yamagata white peach


Yamagata white peaches are characterized by their elegant sweetness, aroma, and smooth texture. The jam is made from "late maturing" white peaches, which have a long growing season and firm fruit, giving it a satisfying texture. With a pulp moisture content of 90%, white peaches are susceptible to weather conditions and easily lose their freshness, but they are harvested when they are fully ripe and at the peak of their deliciousness, so as to preserve as much of their seasonal flavor as possible.

Yamagata White Peach Jam" is a gem of a product made with the cooperation of farmers in Yamagata, who put their hearts and souls into bottling white peaches in their best condition. The delicate aroma and color of the white peaches are carefully stewed to preserve their delicate aroma and color, and the moderate sweetness is adjusted to create a refreshing taste. The flavor enhances the original deliciousness of Nogami "fresh" bread, and the overflowing pulpiness of the white peaches can be enjoyed in a luxurious way.

Nogami "Yamagata white peach jam

In addition to spreading it on bread, we recommend using it as a topping for yogurt or ice cream. It can also be enjoyed as a jam tea with tea or soda water.

Priced at 1,100 yen per bottle (tax included). Available at stores in Japan and on the EC site. Sales will end when the planned number of bottles are sold out.

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