Fujiya "Japanese Chestnut and Espresso Luxury Millefeuille
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Fujiya Confectionery New Cakes Summary

Fujiya Confectionery's new cakes to be released sequentially from September 12 are summarized below. The new cakes include "Italian Cheesecake (Cassata)", "Premium Chocolate Nama Cake", "Mochizuki White Peach and Black Tea Cake", "Japanese Chestnut and Espresso Luxury Millefeuille", "Fruit Shortcake", "Confectionery Shop's Muscat Daifuku (Japanese muscat)", "Shine Muscat Tart", and "Shine Muscat Tart". Shortcake Jewelry Box (domestic Shine Muscat)," a total of 8 items in the lineup.

Products to be released by Fujiya on September 12


Premium Chocolate Fresh Cake

Fujiya "Premium Chocolate Fresh Cake

The cream made from carefully selected chocolate has a rich taste. The chocolate cake is accented with candied almonds. Priced at 560 yen (tax included, same as below).


Italian Cheesecake (Cassata)

to be

released on September 15

Fujiya "Italian Cheesecake (Cassata)

A cheesecake that is a traditional Italian pastry arranged in the Fujiya style. It is made with a layer of rare cheese mousse layered on a batter containing fruit and nuts soaked in wine. The price is 520 yen.

Mochizuki White Peach and Black Tea Cake

Fujiya "Mochizuki White Peach and Black Tea Cake

Earl Grey flavored chiffon pastry is sandwiched between a light custard cream and glutinous white peaches. The gentle sweetness of the white peaches is enhanced, a flavor that is only available during this season. The price is 490 yen.

Luxury Millefeuille with Japanese chestnuts and espresso

Fujiya "Japanese Chestnut and Espresso Luxury Millefeuille

A mille-feuille with Japanese chestnut cream on the top and café cream on the bottom, each sandwiched between mille-feuille and decorated with Japanese chestnuts on the top. The price is 590 yen.

Fruit Shortcake

Fujiya "Fruit Shortcake

This gorgeous shortcake is decorated with strawberries, yellow peaches, pineapple, and grapes. This cake makes a perfect gift with a "thank you" message. Priced at 680 yen, available only for four days from September 15 to 18.

Confectionery Shop's Muscat Daifuku (Japanese muscat

Fujiya "Yogashiyasan no Muscat Daifuku (Domestic Shine Muscat)".

Daifuku" is a sweet rice cake made with mochi (glutinous rice flour) and wrapped with a muscat cream, a muscat-flavored kuzumochi (kuzu rice cake), and a single muscat. Priced at 380 yen, it will be on sale for seven days only, from September 15 to 21.

NACHIKA September 22nd release


Shine Muscat Tart

Fujiya "Shine Muscat Tart

Tart dough layered with muscat-flavored custard cream and champagne cream, finished with a layer of Shine Muscat and Shine Muscat sauce. Price: 570 yen.

Shortcake Jewel Box (Japanese muscat

Fujiya "Jewel Box of Shortcake (Domestic Shine Muscat)

Whole muscat grapes and muscat flavored kuzumochi (kuzu rice cake) wrapped in kirsch chanterie cream. Priced at 680 yen, it will be on sale for nine days only, from September 22 to 30.

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