Komeda Coffee Store Area Limited Morning "Yamanashi Prefecture White Peach and Plum Jam"

At Komeda coffee shops in Yamanashi, Tokyo, and Nagano prefectures, a regional breakfast "Yamanashi white peach and plum jam" will be offered from October 1st (excluding some shops). Limited time until the end of November.

Yamanashi white peach and plum jam

If you order a drink from the store in the target area between 11:00 am, you can select "Yamanashi Prefecture White Plum and Plum Jam" as one of the "Morning Service" menus. White peach and plum are finished in a fresh and luxurious jam that you can enjoy the two kinds of flesh and the natural sweetness of the material.

Komeda Coffee Store Area Limited Morning "Yamanashi Prefecture White Peach and Plum Jam"

White peaches grown in Yamanashi prefecture, known as the fruit kingdom, have a strong and strong taste up to the center of the fruit, and are characterized by a smooth mouthfeel with a lot of juice. In addition, the plum uses the variety "Sun" discovered about 50 years ago in Yamanashi Prefecture. As the name suggests, red ripe plums have a high sugar content and a mellow, rich taste.

Komeda's "Regional Morning Service"

Area-limited jams made with local specialties are offered as one of the breakfast service selection menus. I want you to know once again the wonderful local specialties. In addition, we would like to support producers by processing fruits that have become non-standard products due to their size and shape into jam. With that in mind, Komeda's community contribution initiative started in 2019. So far, it has been carried out using special products of Ehime, Aomori, Nagano, Yamagata, Hiroshima, Mie and Shizuoka prefectures.