Kameya Mannendo "Thick Butter Sweet Potato Daifuku

Kameya Mannendo's "Rich Butter Sweet Potato Daifuku" will go on sale on October 1

. Kameya Mannendo will be selling "Thick Butter Sweet Potato Daifuku" in October. It will be on sale from October 1 to October 31. The price is 291 yen per piece (tax included). The product is sold at the main store in Jiyugaoka, Tokyo, and 26 other stores that sell directly to customers.

Thick Butter


Potato Daifuku "Thick Butter Sweet Potato Daifuku" is made from two kinds of sweet potatoes, "Naruto Kintoki sweet potato" with a crunchy texture and "Beniharuka sweet potato" with a moist and smooth texture, and fresh butter from Hokkaido melts from inside. The combination of naturally sweet sweet sweet bean paste, moist and sweet cubes of sweet potato, and salty butter creates an addictive taste.

Kameya Mannendo "Thick Butter Sweet Potato Daifuku

The "Naruto Kintoki" sweet potato produced in Tokushima Prefecture, which tastes like a baked sweet potato, is used in the sweet potato red bean paste, while the "Beniharuuka" sweet potato produced in Shizuoka Prefecture, which tastes like a moist steamed sweet potato, is used in the sweetened sweet potato red bean paste


The sweet potato is made to be tasted to the fullest. The fresh butter made in Hokkaido adds richness and flavor to the deliciousness of the sweet potatoes.

The butter is whipped with Okinawan sea salt, which gives it a melt-in-your-mouth texture and a refreshing aftertaste. In addition, in order to enjoy the texture of the sweet potatoes, the sweetened sweet potatoes are not added to the sweet bean paste or the rice cake, but each ingredient is individually wrapped by hand by craftsmen. A machine can wrap the sweet potatoes in an instant, but it is impossible to achieve the desired flavor, so the hand-wrapping method was adopted to achieve the desired taste.

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