Kameya Mannendo "Sakura Ichigo Daifuku", "Sakura Dorayaki", "Sakura Domyoji", "Puffy Fukusoami Sakura An".

Kameya Mannendo Cherry Blossom Conf

ectionery Kameya Mannendo's direct sales stores (28 stores in Tokyo and Kanagawa) are selling seasonal cherry blossom confectionery under the theme of "Taste Spring with Congratulations. Seasonal cherry blossom sweets are on sale from March 2 (Thursday) under the title of "Taste Spring with Congratulations.

Sakura Strawberry Daifuku

: A limited-time-only luxury fruit daifuku that lets you taste cherry blossoms in a refined way. Sakura an (sweet bean paste) made from Oshima cherry blossoms grown in Shizuoka Prefecture and large, sweet benihoppe (red peach) grown in Shizuoka Prefecture are wrapped in soft, light cherry-red Hanijyu-mochi (rice cake).

Kameya Mannendo "Sakura Ichigo Daifuku" (Cherry Blossom Strawberry Daifuku)

Price: 270 yen per piece (tax included)
Specified Raw Materials (7 items): Does not contain 7 items
Calories: 162 kcal per piece
Sales Period: Until Friday, March 31

Sakura Dorayaki

A seasonal dorayaki with a delightful texture of Kanoko-mame and the aroma of sakura filling your mouth. Oshima cherry leaves from Shizuoka Prefecture are finely chopped and mixed into the white bean paste.

Kameya Mannendo "Sakura Dorayaki

Price: 183 yen per piece (tax included)
Specified Ingredients (7 items): wheat, eggs
Calorie: 200 kcal per piece
Sales Period: Until early April

Sakura Domyoji Cherry Blossom D

omeiji The sweetness of domestically produced red beans is wrapped in cherry blossom colored domyoji dough and rolled up with cherry blossom leaves with a cherry blossom blossom decoration.

Kameya Mannendo "Sakura Domyoji

Price: 216 yen per piece (tax included)
Specified Raw Materials (7 items): Does not contain 7 items
Calories: 106kcal per piece
Sales Period: Until early April

Fukkurufukushimi Sakura-an (Cherry Blossom An)

A soft dough with a fluffy texture made with plenty of eggs is wrapped with a refined aroma of sakura-an with Sakura leaves from Oshima cherry trees grown in Shizuoka Prefecture.

Kameya Mannendo "Fluffy Fukusoami Sakura An (Cherry Blossom An)

Price: 108 yen per piece (including tax) / 594 yen for 5 pieces (including tax)
Specified ingredients (7 items): milk, wheat, eggs
Calories: 113 kcal per piece
Sales period: until early April

Pre-orders are accepted at KAMEYA MANNENDO direct sales stores. Reservations can be made for even a single piece.