Seven-Eleven "Moon and Rabbit"
Procure moon-viewing sweets at a convenience store!

Today (October 4th) is the full moon. I want to eat sweet dumplings while watching the moon! However, many people don't have time to make their own moon dumplings.

So, I tried to put together "Tsukimi sweets" that you can easily buy at convenience stores! (The lineup was picked up by the eating editorial department at its own discretion.)


・ Moon and rabbit (160 yen, tax included, same below)
An assortment of Japanese sweets that expresses a rabbit looking at the moon on the 15th night. "White Rabbit" is a Western-style dumpling with azuki whipped cream, and "Moon-sama" is a Western-style Daifuku with sweet potato whipped cream.

Seven-Eleven "Moon and Rabbit"
"Moon" and "Rabbit" are perfect for viewing the moon!

・ Warabimochi & Shiratama Cream Stew (298 yen)
Japanese sweets that combine the chewy shiratama zenzai and the soft-tasting warabi mochi sprinkled with soybean flour. There is also a yellow white ball that looks like the moon.

Seven-Eleven "Warabimochi & Shiratama Cream Stew"
The point is a yellow white ball like a full moon

・ Fluffy Uji Matcha Tiramisu Warabi (120 yen)
Warabimochi dough wrapped in smooth cheese cream using mascarpone and cream cheese and fluffy Uji matcha sauce.

Seven-Eleven "Fluffy Uji Matcha Tiramisu Warabi"
It's Western style, but mochi is mochi

・ Kyoto-style Kinako Warabimochi (with black honey) (138 yen)
Warabimochi with black densely served with deeply roasted savory soybean flour.

Seven-Eleven "Kyoto-style Kinako Warabimochi (with black honey)"
Warabi mochi is also mochi, so ...

・ Autumn taste Japanese sweet potato and roasted green tea (298 yen)
Japanese-style parfait with roasted green tea mousse, roasted green tea agar, shiratama, Anno potato Mont Blanc, potato glasse, and potato whipped cream.

Seven-Eleven "Autumn taste potato and roasted green tea Japanese pafe"
Shiratama & autumn materials are perfect for this season

・ Mochi Toro Uji Matcha & Chocolate (120 yen)
A Japanese-Western eclectic sweet that wraps flavorful matcha whipped cream and chocolate chips using Uji matcha in mochi dough.

Seven-Eleven "Mochi Toro Uji Matcha & Chocolate"
A little Western-style mochi

・ Daifuku beans made from red beans from Tokachi, Hokkaido (130 yen)
Bean Daifuku using red peas from Tokachi, Hokkaido.

Seven-Eleven "Daifuku beans using red beans from Tokachi, Hokkaido"
I want to eat a thick Daifuku! To those who say


・ Nagano Purple Daifuku (Shiroan) (165 yen)
A whole "Nagano Purple" grape from Nagano prefecture, wrapped in mochi dough and white bean paste.

Lawson "Nagano Purple Daifuku (Shiroan)"
Daifuku that trapped autumn fruits

・ Kagoshima Prefecture Anno potato pure cream Daifuku (140 yen)
Daifuku is a combination of Anno potato paste from Kagoshima prefecture, pure cream, and mochi dough.

Lawson "Pure fresh cream Daifuku of Anno potatoes from Kagoshima prefecture"
Combination of rice cake and rice cake

・ Mame Daifuku (red bean paste) (130 yen)
Daifuku is made by wrapping red bean paste, which is cooked with the flavor of Hokkaido azuki bean "Kitaroman", in mochi dough with red peas.

Lawson "Mame Daifuku"
Lawson also beans Daifuku

Family mart

・ Kinako Warabimochi with a thick texture-with black honey sauce- (138 yen)
A soft bite-sized warabi mochi wrapped in a black honey sauce made from Okinawan brown sugar.

FamilyMart "Kinako Warabimochi with a thick texture-with black honey sauce-"
Warabimochi covered with soybean flour looks like a little moon?

・ Large white ball cream zenzai (280 yen)
A cup dessert that combines a cream with plenty of milky taste, a large homemade white bean paste, and red bean paste using azuki beans from Tokachi, Hokkaido.

FamilyMart "Big Shiratama Cream Zenzai"
A big white ball

・ Cake-made pudding Daifuku (298 yen)
A pudding with a smooth texture sandwiched between sponges and wrapped in a chewy fertilizer with tiramisu cream.

FamilyMart "Cake-style pudding Daifuku"
Luxury Daifuku wrapped in pudding and tiramisu

・ Hitokuchikoshian Daifuku (132 yen)
A bite-sized daifuku made by wrapping smooth bean paste in soft mochi.

FamilyMart "Hitokuchikoshian Daifuku"
I want to decorate several pieces

* Please note that the sales situation varies depending on the store / area, etc.