Kurazushi "Spring Strawberry Parfait

Kura Sushi

Spring Sweets

Spring Strawberry Parfait, Raspberry Cake, Honey Castella, and Strawberry Vinegar Milk will be available at Kura Sushi for a limited time and in limited quantities from April 7 (Friday). In addition, the Okinawa ice cream brand "Blue Seal" will also make an appearance.

Spring Strawberry


Aiming to create "sweets that are more than a specialty store," "KURA ROYAL," which focuses on ingredients, manufacturing methods, and visuals, has newly launched the "Spring Strawberry Parfait" with an image of a glorious spring. The four-layer parfait consists of sweet and sour strawberry mousse, white chocolate curls, pink fiantine made with crispy and light crepe dough, and melt-in-your-mouth cream with luxurious strawberries.

Kurazushi "Spring Strawberry Parfait

The strawberry cream is filled with cold strawberry ice cream. The strawberry cream is filled with cold strawberry ice cream and topped with fresh strawberries, allowing customers to enjoy a variety of strawberry flavors as they eat.

The price is 530 yen. Limited daily quantities available at each store; no take-out available from April 29 (Sat) to May 7 (Sun). Not available at the Harajuku store.

Raspberry Cake

A gorgeous looking sweet with three layers of moist cocoa sponge, soft sweet cream cheese mousse, and sweet and sour raspberry sauce that match each other perfectly. Priced at 280 yen.

Kura Sushi "Raspberry Cake

Honey Sponge Cake

The dough with a gentle taste of eggs and honey is baked slowly at a low temperature for a moist texture. The addition of rough sauerkraut as an accent makes this a luxurious sponge cake with a satisfying texture.

Kurazushi "Honey sponge cake

The price is 120 yen. Limited quantity per day at each store, no take-out.

Strawberry Vinegar Milk

: The pale pink color of this cute drink reminds one of spring. By adding Kurazushi's homemade strawberry vinegar to the milk and strawberries, it has a mild sourness that makes it refreshing to drink.

Kurazushi "Strawberry Vinegar Milk

The price is 200 yen. Not sold in Hokkaido and Okinawa.


Seal Salt

Chinsuko/Ryukyu Royal Milk Tea

Blue Seal, an Okinawan ice cream brand, can be enjoyed at all Kura Sushi locations nationwide. The Shio Chinsuko flavor has a salty taste and the sweetness of milk is addictive. The Ryukyu Royal Milk Tea flavor is made by kneading in aromatic black tea powder, which gives it a refreshing sweetness.

Blue Seal Salted Chinsuko / Ryukyu Royal Milk Tea

The price is 300 yen. Only the Blue Seal Ryukyu Royal Milk Tea is available in limited quantities per day at each store.