Kurazushi "Additive-free Sea Urchin and Extra Large Cutlery Fair

Kurazushi New Menu To go, Campaigns, Reservations, and Bikkura Pon (Gachapon) Reservations

Here is a summary of the new menu items, limited time menu items, campaigns and fairs launched in 2022 at Kurazushi. Information on prices, sales periods, To go (to-go), and reservations via the app is also included.

In addition to a wide variety of sushi, we also provide information on collaborations with popular characters such as BT21, Sanrio, and One Piece, Bikkura Pon (Gachapon) goods, and our original sweets "KURA ROYAL", which will be updated as needed.

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Mutenka Uni to Tokodaikiri Fair "Mutenka Uni to Tokodaikiri Fair" features "Uni Gunkan" (345 yen), "Tokodaikiri Nama Salmon" (1 piece), "Tokodaikiri Hamoten" (250 yen each), and more.

Kurazushi "Additive-free Sea Urchin and Extra Large Cutlery Fair

The 115-yen item lineup includes a new "Kimcheese" series. The spicy kimchi sauce is matched with a mild special cheese sauce made from four types of cheese (Gouda, Cheddar, Mascarpone, and Camembert).

Kurazushi "Kim Cheese" products

Domestic T


Fair The " Domestic Tuna Fair" lineup includes "Oma Tuna Top Red Meat (345 yen)," "[Shiogama] Tuna Thick Tuna (250 yen)," and "Domestic Tuna Assorted Tuna (1,280 yen)," etc. Starting January 6, the menu will be available for a limited time and in limited quantities.

Kurazushi "Domestic Tuna Fair

The limited-time recommended menu items include "Omi Beef Nigiri (whole grain)" (345 yen) and "Aburi-zuke Akaebi (pickled red shrimp)" (165 yen).

New Year's Sale Fair "New Year's Sale Fair" offers "kosechi" (osechi), sushi suitable for the New Year, and wagashi (Japanese sweets) associated with the year of the rabbit. A luxurious to-go sushi set will also be available to add color to the year-end and New Year's festivities.

Kozechi" "Oshogatsu Wagashi (rabbit/white)" "Oshogatsu Wagashi (rabbit/pink)" Kurazushi

As a special New Year's gift, the "chutoro" (medium fatty tuna), normally priced at 250 yen, will be sold for 165 yen for in-store dining only, and some other items priced at 165 yen will be sold for 115 yen. The offer will run from December 26 to January 19.

Kurazushi "New Year's Day Project" (Japanese only)

SPY x FAMILY Collaboration Campaign "SPY x FAMILY Collaboration Campaign" will be held twice, the first time from January 13, 2023, and the second time from January 27, 2023, and every 2,500 yen spent will be rewarded with original goods such as clear files and underlay sheets. The first two events will be held on Jan. 13 and the second on Jan. 27. During the period, a winning ticket in the "Bikkura Pon! game with five sushi plates, winners will receive rubber accessories and erasers decorated with "SPY x FAMILY" characters.

Kurazushi "SPY x FAMILY Collaboration Campaign".

From January 6 to February 3, reservations for "SPY x FAMILY Keiho Maki" will be accepted. It comes with a special film depicting the main characters. To go only, delivery is on February 3.

Kurazushi "SPY×FAMILY Keihomaki


from Santa Claus As a token of our appreciation for the past year, "Gifts from Santa Claus" will be offered one after another from the first to the fifth.

Kura Sushi "Gift from Santa" Project

The first project, "Gift from Momotaro,


will feature a sushi cover with a luxury prize inside, and the "Gift from Momotaro" will be offered in Christmas style. A special menu will be offered at 115 yen per plate. The type and quantity of sushi to be floated will be determined at random.

Kurazushi "Gift from Momotaro" Christmas edition

Limited to "children" or "persons over 50" depending on the time of day.
The Christmas menu will be offered until December 25; "Gift from Momotaro" will be offered from December 26, and "Gift from the Seven Gods of Good Luck" will be offered at the beginning of the year.

Gekitoro] ¥115

The second special is "Gekitoro", a "Goku-matured chutoro (whole)" normally priced at ¥250, available for only ¥115 for three days from December 21 through December 23.

Kurazushi "Gekitoro

Bikkura Pon!"

The third event is "Bikkura Pon!", a game in which five sushi plates are used to win


"Bikkura Pon! (limited to one pair per day at each restaurant, only for food and beverages inside the restaurant). The promotion will be held from December 24 to January 3.

Kurazushi "Bikkura Pon! Up to 10,000 yen free of charge with winning ticket

Bikkura Pon! is a system whereby customers place five plates in the plate collection pockets provided at each table to start the game and receive prizes when they hit a jackpot. By using a smartphone to place an order, you can enjoy "Bikkura Pon with your smartphone! If it is an eligible item, you can try the game once for every 550 yen spent.

Kurazushi "Bikkura Pon with your smartphone!

With To go purchases, "Bikkura Pon! Present

The fourth prize is a "Bikkura Pon! prize for each to-go purchase. This is available for two days only on December 24th and 25th.

Buy Kura Sushi To go and "Bikkura Pon! Present

Bikkura Pon!

The fifth phase will triple the odds of


a "Bikkura Pon! The fifth promotion triples the odds of winning the "Bikkura Pon! The period is from December 26 to 28.

Kurazushi "Bikkura Pon!"


Fair The second " Crab Fair" this winter will feature two kinds of fresh snow crab, the same as the October fair. The "Gorgeous Crab Salmon Platter" will also be offered as a new item in the "Goku no Ippin Series.

Kurazushi "Crab Fair

Kura Sushi Christmas Limited Menu

The " Gift from Momotaro, " in which you can't see what is inside, is now available in Christmas style. The super value items include sushi with the largest amount of ingredients in the history of Kura Sushi, the first four-piece platter, and sushi with a lot of ingredients. The period is from December 9 to December 25.

Kurazushi "Gift from Momotaro" Christmas edition

The limited Christmas menu includes "Kurachiki," "[Christmas] Bikkura Pon! Popular Nigiri Set" and "[Christmas] Bikkura Pon! Popular Gunkan Set," available for three days from December 23 to December 25.

Kurazushi "[Christmas] Bikkura Pon! Popular Nigiri Set"

Milky Dome

Milky Cream Cake

Milky Strawberry Milk Mil

ky Dome (280 yen), Milky Cream Cake (280 yen), and Milky Strawberry Milk (200 yen) are available in collaboration with Fujiya. They will all be on sale from December 2 to February 1, 2023.

Kura Sushi "Milky Dome", "Milky Cream Cake", "Milky Strawberry Miruku

Melted Cream Cake


" Melted Cream Cake Strawberry" is a new sweet from "KURA ROYAL," an original sweet that is made with the utmost care. It will be on sale from December 2 to December 27. The price is 530 yen. Limited to 10 servings per day at each store.

Kura Sushi "Melted Cream Cake Strawberry

Slices of white chocolate are sandwiched between sponge cake and cream. When the film wrapped around the cream is lifted to the top, the cream melts and melts.

The " Great TORORO and Kyushu Fair" features dishes that melt in your mouth and luxurious Kyushu ingredients. The menu includes "Gokumi Aged O-Toro" (345 yen), "Ookiri Toro Saba" (250 yen), "[Kagoshima] Sakura Kue (250 yen)," etc. Starting December 2, the menu will be available.

Kurazushi "Dai Toro to Kyushu Fair" (Big Tuna and Kyushu Fair)


no Blade Collaboration Camp aign The first " Oni no Blade Collaboration Campaign" (from December 2) will offer a clear file, and the second (from December 16) will offer a calendar. One item will be given for every 2,500 yen (including To go) spent each time. Ends when all are gone.

Kurazushi × Blade of Demon's Destruction Collaboration Campaign

A game of "Bikkura Pon!" can be played with five sushi plates. If you win, you can get original goods such as a stained glass-style acrylic key holder (5 kinds) and a can badge (10 kinds).

Custard Apple Pie " Custard Apple Pie" is a menu item from "KURA ROYAL," a carefully selected original sweets menu. It will be on sale from November 2 to December 5. The price is 530 yen. Limited to 10 servings per day at each store.

Kura Sushi "Custard Apple Pie

The pie is filled with domestically produced Fuji apples. The crispy pie crust, sweet and sour apple pulp, and rich custard cream are a perfect match. The pie is topped with strawberries and vanilla ice cream, and caramel sauce is drizzled over the top.

Crab Fair "Crab Fair" includes "Three Kinds of Snow Crab" (345 yen), "King Seafood Salad Gunkan" (250 yen), "Gorgeous Crab Platter" (1,280 yen), etc. Available from November 2.

Kurazushi "Crab Fair

Mont Blanc Parfait " Mont Blanc Parfait" is an adult parfait with rich Mont Blanc cream and bittersweet caramel. It will be on sale from October 1 to November 1. The price is 640 yen. Limited to 10 servings per day at each store.

Kurazushi "Mont Blanc Parfait

Also available on October 1 are "Victoria Cake" (250 yen), "Italian Tiramisu" (250 yen), and "Freshly Fried Soy Milk Donuts" (360 yen). All are not available for To go.

Freshly Made Series Price Drops

The basic price range for sushi products has been completely revised and will be offered at the new price points from October 1. In addition to the "115 yen" menu, a new "165 yen" per plate menu item has been added. The "Dekitate Series," which has been popular since its launch, will be reduced from 220 yen to 165 yen.

Kurazushi "Dekitate Series" price reduced


Toro Fair " Gokujo Toro Fair" features a variety of luxurious Toro products. The lineup includes "Goku-ripened Large Tuna" (345 yen), "Goku-ripened Medium Tuna" (250 yen each), and "Goku-ripened Aburi Medium Tuna" (250 yen each).

Kurazushi "Gokujo Toro" Fair


Tie-up Campaign Vol. 2 The "BT21 Tie-up Campaign Vol. 2" will feature an original goods present campaign starting from October 1 for the first campaign, October 14 for the second campaign, November 2 for the third campaign, and November 18 for the fourth campaign. (including To go) for every 2,500 yen spent (ends when all the goods are gone).

Kurarazushi × BT21 Tie-up Campaign Vol.2

The tie-up menu includes "BT21 Universe Star Wagashi" (300 yen), "BT21 Original Cup Milk Caramel Cafe Latte" (220 yen), and "BT21 Strawberry Milk" (300 yen).

Kurarazushi × BT21 Tie-up Campaign Vol.2

Hokkaido and


Fair The " Hokkaido and Tuna Fair" lineup includes "Three kinds of [Hokkaido] wild fish" (220 yen), "[Freshly seared] Hokkaido beef nigiri (whole)" (220 yen), and "Two kinds of [Hokkaido] hokki-gai" (220 yen), etc. Starting on September 2.

Kurazushi "Hokkaido and Tuna Fair

A limited quantity of "Assorted Japanese Eel" from the "Goku no Ippin Series" is also available. The price is 680 yen. No To go available.

Kurazushi "Domestic Eel Assortment

Berry Cheese Waffle "Berry Cheese Waffle" is the first collaboration menu with "Maneken," a well-known Belgian waffle maker. It is topped with sweet cheese cream, four kinds of berry mix, and blueberry sauce. It will be on sale from September 2 to September 30. Price: 350 yen. No To go.

Kura Sushi "Berry Cheese Waffle

From September 2 to September 30, "Parfait with 2 kinds of domestic grapes" (530 yen), "Yume no fluffy snow Uji green tea" (350 yen), "Aged monaka" (220 yen) and "Kinako ohagi" (110 yen) will also be available.

Kurazushi meets BE


JAPAN The " Kurazushi meets BEAMS JAPAN" collaboration campaign will feature the original "SDGs menu" using non-standard vegetables and soybeans: "Veggie Roll (Salmon)" and "Veggie Roll (Shrimp)" (220 yen each). ) and "Soy Nuggets" (380 yen each), which are original "SDGs menu items" using non-standard vegetables and soybeans, will be available at stores nationwide. The offer will be available from September 2 to September 30.

Kurazushi "Veggie Roll (Salmon)" and "Veggie Roll (Shrimp)

A special collaboration campaign "Kura Sushi meets BEAMS JAPAN" was also held to commemorate the opening of "Kura Sushi Kyoto Store".

Gokujo Toro Fair "Gokujo Toro Fair" includes "Aged Large Toro" (330 yen), "Aged Aburi Large Toro" (330 yen), and "Gokumi Aged Medium Toro" (220 yen), etc. The fair will be held from August 19.

Kurazushi "Gokujo Toro Fair

Chotoro Zukushi Fair "Chotoro Zukushi Fair" features a variety of dishes using the king of tuna. Starting on August 5, the "Mediterranean Sea Tuna" (220 yen) and "[Freshly Seared] Mediterranean Sea Tuna" (220 yen), etc. will be available.

Kurazushi "Chotoro Zukushi

Toro to Eel Fair The "Toro to Eel Fair" features a variety of menu items that allow you to enjoy the sweetness of the rich "Toro" fat, as well as a variety of dishes using luxurious eel that has been grilled using a unique method.

Kurazushi "Toroto Eel Fair".

The lineup includes the "Freshly Seared Extra Large Cut Toro Marlin" (220 yen), "Freshly Seared Premium Aged Chutoro (Consistency)" (220 yen), "Bintoro" (110 yen), and "[Freshly Rolled] Tokumari Unagi (Consistency)" (220 yen).

The "


Series " features high quality, high value-added menu items that are freshly prepared and priced at 220 yen each. Priced at 220 yen each, they will go on sale on July 8.

Kurazushi "Dekitate Series

The "Freshly Rolled" series features 19 freshly rolled items in four varieties: "Freshly Rolled" with crispy seaweed, "Freshly Seared" with an appetizing aroma, "Freshly Fried" with hot and crispy ingredients, and "Freshly Cooked" with a more luxurious taste than the previous products. The lineup includes 19 items in four types: "freshly seared," "freshly fried," "hot and crispy," and "freshly prepared.

Crab Fair The " Crab Fair" lineup includes "Tokusemori Crab Nigiri" (220 yen), "Two Kinds of Crab Gunkan" (220 yen), "Crab and Ikura no Consommé Jure" (220 yen), "[Freshly Seared] W Cheese Crab Hotate" (220 yen), etc. The lineup will be sequentially introduced starting July 8.

Kurazushi "Crab Fair

Plenty of Ripe Mango Parfait " Plenty of Ripe Mango Parfait" is a reintroduction of the popular menu item that was introduced by "KURA ROYAL" in 2019. It will be available from July 8 to August 4. The price is 530 yen. Limited to 20 servings per day at each store.

Kurazushi "Plenty of Ripe Mango Parfait

Three layers of mascarpone mousse, rich mango pudding made with Indian alphonso mangoes with a mellow sweetness and aroma, and crushed cookies. Mint, mango sauce, portioned vanilla ice cream, and whipped cream are also used.

The lineup also includes "Dream Fluffy Snow Melon" (350 yen), "Blue Seal Yubari Melon" and "Blue Seal Ryukyu Royal Milk Tea" (380 yen each). Milky Snow Mango" and "Milky Snow Raspberry" (480 yen each) are available only at the Harajuku store.

Kurazushi "Yume no Fluffy Snow Melon


PIECE FILM RED Collaboration Campaign "ONE PIECE FILM RED Collaboration Campaign" is a campaign to celebrate the release of "ONE PIECE FILM RED" and to enjoy new collaborative products and goods with the movie and characters. The campaign will start on July 8, 2012.

Kurazushi "[Freshly Seared] Aburi RED Cheese Iberico Pork O-toro

The collaboration menu includes "[Seared] Aburi RED Cheese Iberico Pork O-toro" (220 yen), "Luffy's RED Bone-in Meat (Frankfurt)" (450 yen), and "Gomu Gomu no Miu Style Ice Cream Monaka" (350 yen).

Kurazushi "Rubber Gum Seed Style Ice Cream Monaka

Gokujo Toro Fair The " Gokujo Toro Fair" lineup includes "Aged Large Toro (whole fish)" (220 yen), "Aged Aburi Large Toro (whole fish)" (220 yen), and "Extra Large Cut Yamoro Salmon Tataki" (220 yen), etc. Starting June 24.

Kurazushi "Gokujo Toro Fair

The "Zesshin Temaki Shiogama Tuna Temaki" and "Zesshin Temaki Magutaku Temaki" (220 yen each) are also on sale.

The " Extra Large Slices, Extra Large Sizes Fair" offers a variety of extra-large and extra-large seafood items such as "Extra Large Hiramasa from Kagoshima Prefecture" (110 yen), "Extra Large Pickled Red Shrimp Nigiri" (220 yen), and "Extra Large Hamo Ten Nigiri" (220 yen), which will be available from June 10.

Kurazushi "Extra Large Cuts and Special Servings Fair

Yume no Fuwasetsu Milky Strawberry "Yume no Fuwasetsu Milky Strawberry" is a collaboration menu between Kurazushi and Fujiya. It is a collaboration between Kura Sushi and Fujiya, and features the popular "Yume no Fluffy Snow" shaved ice topped with a rich milk-flavored sauce reminiscent of "Milky". Price: 330 yen.

Kurazushi "Dream Fluffy Snow Milky Strawberry", "Milky Roll Cake", "Milky Cream Puff (Semifreddo)

The "Milky Roll Cake" (330 yen) and "Milky Cream Puff (Semifreddo)" (220 yen) are also available. 2021's popular "Peach and Raspberry Parfait" (640 yen) also makes a return.

Sanrio Characters Collaboration " Sanrio Characters Collaboration " will start on June 10 with a giveaway of original goods. If you win in the "Bikkura Pon" game with five sushi plates, you will receive goods such as "Hello Kitty" and "My Melody".

Kurazushi x Sanrio Characters Collaboration

From June 24, a clear file (4 types in total) will be given for every 2,500 yen spent. Apple Cinnamon W Cream" (380 yen) is available only at the Harajuku store.



Samadai Fair " Tuna Samadai Fair" includes "Japanese Wild Tuna Tuna Tuna (whole)" (220 yen), "Japanese Wild Tuna Extra Red Meat" (220 yen), "Special Negi Maguro Gunkan" (110 yen), "Natural Minami Tuna Extra Red Meat" (220 yen). The offer will be available from May 27 to June 5.

Kurazushi "Maguro Sansai Fair

Lemon Cheesecake Parfait " Lemon Cheesecake Parfait" is a menu item from Kura Sushi's "KURA ROYAL" sweets brand. It is made with lemon whipped cream, lemon tea jelly, vanilla ice cream, baked cheesecake, and pistachio macaroons.

Kurazushi "Lemon Cheesecake Parfait

Launched on May 10. Price: 530 yen. Limited to 20 servings per day at each store.

Yuzu Butterfly Pea Tea (430 yen), Dream Fluffy Snow Blueberry (330 yen), Strawberry Milk (200 yen), Melted Pudding Cake (220 yen), and Japanese sweets (Salted Bean Daifuku and Kinako Ohagi) (220 yen) will also be available.

Chosankan and Sea of Japan Fair The "Chosankan and Sea of Japan Fair" lineup includes "Chosankan : Three kinds of fugu from the Sea of Japan" (220 yen), "Chosankan: Three kinds of salmon" (110 yen), "Sea of Japan crab miso gunkan" (110 yen), etc. Available from May 10.

Kurazushi "Super Sankan and Sea of Japan Fair".

TOROTORO and IKARO Fair "TOROTORO and IKARO Fair" offers "Gokumi matured chutoro (whole tuna)" (110 yen), "Toro swordfish" (220 yen), "Gokujo Oogi Ikura (large salmon roe)" (220 yen), "KOBORO IKARO Salmon Gunkan" (220 yen), etc. Available from April 22.

Kurazushi "Toro to Ikura Fair

Gorgeous set" (1,520 yen per person) and "Gorgeous three kinds of set" (1,320 yen per person) are also available during Golden Week.

Tokusaikiri & Tok


Fair " Tokusaikiri & Tokusamori Fair" includes "Tokusaikiri Aburi Toro Marlin" (220 yen), "Tokusamori Akaebi Nigiri" (220 yen), "Tokusaikiri Iberico Pork Tuna" (220 yen), etc. Starting on April 8, "Tokusaikiri & Tokusamori Fair" will be available.

Kurazushi "Extra Large Cuts and Special Servings Fair

Nome Parfait Sakura " Nome Parfait Sakura" is a new menu item from "KURA ROYAL". It consists of "Sakura-flavored ice cream" and "Sakura-colored milk base," which can be enjoyed twice by first scooping it with the spoon provided and then mixing it thoroughly at the end. Price: 530 yen.


Also available are "Ripe Mango Honey Mousse Parfait" (530 yen), "Strawberry White Ice Cake" (220 yen), "Mango Rare Cheese Cake" (220 yen), "Caramel French Toast Parfait" (330 yen), "Italian Tiramisu" (220 yen), "Domestic White Peach Jelly" ( (220 yen) are also available.

Crab Fair The " Crab Fair" will start on March 25, and will feature "Boiled Snow Crab" (220 yen), "Two Kinds of Snow Crab Gunkan" (220 yen), "Crab Claw Tempura Tartar" (220 yen), "Crab Cream Croquette" (110 yen), etc.

Kurazushi "Crab Fair

Kura Sushi mainly uses crab caught in the cold, nutrient-rich waters of Canada and other countries. By purchasing through a unique route from a long-time business partner, the company is able to provide a stable supply of high-quality products while maintaining reasonable prices.



Green Tea Ice Cream "Dorayaki with Green Tea Ice Cream" is a sweet treat consisting of green tea ice cream, whipped cream, adzuki beans, white beans, and strawberries placed between two pieces of dough with a firm texture. The matcha ice cream contains raw milk.

Kurazushi "Green Tea Ice Cream Dorayaki".

The product will go on sale on March 11. Price: 430 yen. Limited to 20 servings per day at each store.

A new type of drink, "Nomere Parfait Omatcha," which can be mixed with milk whip, matcha ice cream, and matcha milk, is also available. The price is 430 yen. Limited to 20 servings per day at each store.

The " Great Tuna and Ehime Prefecture Fair" features sea bream raised by smart aquaculture using AI and IoT. AI cherry sea bream from Ehime (110 yen), Kue queen from Ehime (220 yen), Mikan mahata (Matsuura Fisheries) from Ehime (220 yen), etc. Starting March 11, the fair will be held.

Kurazushi "Dai Toro to Ehime Fair" (Big Tuna and Ehime Prefecture Fair)



" Double Fair" features special items with twice the volume of popular items and luxury ingredients. The lineup includes "2X Raw Salmon" (220 yen), "2X Chutoro" (220 yen), and "2X Kani Nigiri" (220 yen), etc. Available from February 25.

Kurazushi "Double Fair

Strawberry W Chocolat Parfait " Strawberry W Chocolat Parfait" is a new Valentine's Day sweet from "KURA ROYAL". It is a combination of chocolate ice cream and sweet and sour raspberry sauce.

Kura Sushi "Strawberry W Chocolat Parfait", "Tiramisu Mont Blanc" and "Cranberry Semifreddo Cake".

It will go on sale on February 10. Price: 530 yen. Limited to 20 servings per day at each store. No To go.

Tiramisu Mont Blanc" and "Cranberry Semifreddo Cake" (220 yen each) are also on sale.

Torozukushi Fair "Torozukushi Fair" includes "Toro Sailfish" (220 yen), "Pickled Toro Sailfish" (220 yen), and "Toroteru Tokusumori Shirako Ponzu Gunkan" (220 yen), etc. The fair starts on February 10, 2012.


500 Store Reach Commemorative


The " 500 Store Reach Commemorative Fair" will be held on February 10 and 11, offering the regular 220 yen "Natural Thick Shrimp" at half price (110 yen).

Kurazushi "Natural Thick Shrimp (Consistency)

Celebration's Superlative Hana Chirashi "Celebration's Superlative Hana Chirashi" is a limited To go menu for the Hinamatsuri (Girls' Day). Reservations are accepted from February 10. The price is 2022 yen in honor of the year 2022.

Kurazushi "Celebration of the finest flower chirashi