Sakiyo-ken "Fuku-so Gozen
happy-go-lucky meal

Sakiyoken Fukusho-Gozen

"Fukusho-Gozen" is now available from Sakiyoken. This boxed lunch includes Fukui Prefecture's ingredients "Fukui salmon" and "Fukui amaebi," as well as local specialties such as "sasazuke sea bream" and "heshiko anchovy. Reservations are required through the official website, and applications can be made from February 22, 2023, and can be picked up at 150 stores mainly in Tokyo and Kanagawa between March 1 and 31, 2023. It will also be available at Fukui Prefecture's antenna store "Fukui Shokunokuni 291" in Ginza, Tokyo, on March 18 and 19. The limited edition is priced at 2,000 yen (tax included).


lunch box is a great way to enjoy ingredients and specialties from Fukui Prefecture

. It was developed with the cooperation of members of BS Fuji's "Kundo Koyama Tokyo Conference".

The "Sushi with Sea Bream Sasazuke and Oboro Kombu" is made with fresh sea bream, sprinkled with salt and finished with vinegar, and served with sushi rice and oboro kombu, the core of which has been shaved off for its strong flavor. The "Shiro-meshi, Fukui Ume-boshi" (white rice with pickled plums) is made with Fukui Prefecture's "Benisashi Ume," a type of Fukui ume that is said to have been cultivated since the Edo period and is characterized by its soft pulp, served with white rice.

The grilled dish "Fukui Salmon Saikyo-yaki" combines the fine fat of Fukui salmon with the refined sweetness of Saikyo miso. It is also served with a slightly sweet-tasting egg omelet.

The fried dish is "deep-fried Fukui amaebi. Fukui amaebi is popular in Fukui as well as Echizen crab, and the whole shrimp, including the shell, is deep-fried in a fragrant aroma.

The simmered dishes include "Nishin no Kombu-maki" (herring wrapped in kelp), which has been popular as a hidden local dish of Fukui Prefecture due to its history as a port of call for the Kitamae Ship, "Abura-age no Sasumi" (soft and juicy simmered deep-fried tofu), which Fukui City is the top purchaser in Japan, and "Bamboo shoot stew" which is second in popularity among prepared foods in the Shiomai bento of Saki Yoken, after "Shiomai".

The steamed dish consists of two "old-fashioned siu-mai". These bite-sized shiomai are characterized by the rich flavor of pork and dried scallops.

The "Heshiko Rice Bran and Chirimenjako Potato Salad" is made with roasted rice bran from heshiko, a traditional dish of Fukui Prefecture, in which mackerel and other bluefish are pickled in salt and then aged in rice bran, and is combined with chirimenjako (dried young sardines) in a potato salad.

The savory dish is "Sannenko Hana Rakkyo," small, crisp and mildly flavored, cultivated over a three-year period from planting to harvest. Finally, the sweet "Habutae Ankoromochi" is made by steaming rice flour, adding sugar and syrup, and kneading it into a smooth white dough, which is then filled with red bean paste.

Sakiyoken "Fukusyo Gozen" package
Fukuso Gozen Package

The package cover features the title "Fuku-so Gozen" by Kundo Koyama, as well as designs of "Mikata Goko (Five Lakes of Mikata)," "Maruoka Castle," "Ichijodani Asakura Clan Site," and "Mizushima," which are representative tourist attractions in Fukui Prefecture. The soy sauce container also contains one of three different "Fukui Hyou-chan" designs by Kundo Koyama (broadcaster and scriptwriter), Yuhi Komiyama (Hoffdiran), and Fumio Yonezawa (chef), all of whom appear on BS Fuji's "Kundo Koyama Tokyo Conference". You will be able to see which design is which when you open the package.

Fukui Hyou-chan" Fukui Hyou-chan, Sakiyo-ken
Fukui Hyo-chan