Sakiyo-ken "Spring Kanagawa Ajiwai Bento" (Spring Ajiwai Lunchbox)
Spring Kanagawa Ajiwai Bento

Saki Yoken's

Spring Kanagawa Ajiwai Lunchbox Saki Yoken will introduce "Spring Kanagawa Ajiwai Lunchbox" from February 1 to April 15, 2023, at approximately 160 stores mainly in Kanagawa and Tokyo. The price is 1,030 yen (tax included).


"Kanagawa Ajiwai Bento" is part of the "Kanagawa Ajiwai Bento" series, which is being developed through a tie-up with Kanagawa Prefecture in order to increase the number of tourists to Kanagawa Prefecture. The main dish, "Bamboo Shoot Gohan" is rice cooked with crispy bamboo shoots, which are in season in spring. Carrots and deep-fried tofu are added to give the rice a deep flavor. The "Shiro-Meshi" is made with Odawara pickled plums, which are pickled only with salt and dried in the sun, and paired with Sakiyo-ken's glutinous white rice.

The "Misaki Tuna with Ginger" is tuna landed at the Port of Misaki and cooked with ginger. The tuna is soaked in a sweet and spicy sauce, making it a very appetizing dish.

The "Stir-fried Kanagawa Cabbage and Miura Sprouts" is stir-fried Miura sprouts with Kanagawa cabbage, deep-fried tofu, and carrots. It is characterized by the texture of cabbage and the rich flavor of sesame oil.

In addition, "Odawara Kamaboko", three pieces of "old-fashioned shiomai", "bamboo shoot stew", "carrot stew", "lotus root stew", "boiled bean curd stew", "flower-shaped tofu stew with rape blossoms", "fried egg", "pickled rape blossoms in soy sauce", and "strawberry rice cake" are also included.

Sakiyo-ken "Spring Kanagawa Ajiwai Bento" hanging paper
Spring Kanagawa Ajiwai Bento (taste bento) Kakegami

Fuji" (Matsuda Town), "Odawara Castle Keep" (Odawara City), "Tulips in Tabata" (Samukawa Town), "Himuro Camellia Garden" (Chigasaki City), "Road Train Aichan" (Aikawa Town), "Prefectural Mitsuike Park" (Yokohama City), and other famous places in Kanagawa Prefecture are featured in the design on the wrapping paper. The design incorporates famous landmarks of Kanagawa Prefecture. The lunchboxes are filled with Kanagawa's specialties, allowing visitors to enjoy the arrival of spring.