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FamilyMart "Che

f Komoda's Shin

Chinese" Famimaru KITCHEN New

Products New "Chef Komoda's Shin Chinese" products from the private brand "Famimaru KITCHEN" will be released at FamilyMart on November 7. The new products include "Spicy and Numb: The Perfect Balance of Spiciness and Numbness - Mapo Tofu," "Burning Spiciness! Hot and spicy noodles, hot and spicy sauce, hot and spicy chicken lunch box, sesame flavored bean-starch vermicelli soup, and sharp tasting barbecued chicken salad.

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Chef Komoda

's Shin Chinese

Chef Kinya Komoda is one of Japan's leading Chinese chefs and a master of Sichuan cuisine, including owner-chef of the "Fire Hall 4000" hotpot specialty restaurant and executive chef of the creative Chinese restaurant "4000 Chinese Restaurant." In July 2023, he will launch "Shibi-Spicy Chinese In July 2023, we launched five Chinese menu items titled "Shibi-Hot Chinese," which were very well received as an easy way to enjoy Chef Komoda's authentic Chinese cuisine.

This time, five new products titled "Chef Komoda's Shin Chinese" are being introduced as the second phase of the series. The fine and deep flavors of the aroma, numbness, and deliciousness of Szechuan cuisine, which is more than just spiciness, have been perfectly recreated.


perfect balance of spiciness and numbness: Bean-curd soup with red bean paste

FamilyMart "Chef Komoda's Thin Chinese

To bring out the delicious flavor and spiciness, chili peppers with a single flavor and coarsely ground chili peppers are used. To bring out the flavor of the chili peppers, special chili peppers are made by marinating them in oyster sauce and tamari soy sauce in advance, and green pepper is used as an optional garnish to give it a numbing and aromatic flavor. The price is 398 yen (tax included, same below).

Burning hotness! Hot and Numb Ramen

FamilyMart "Chef Komoda's Thin Chinese

Hot and spicy hot spicy noodles. It is served with rich and spicy minced meat stir-fried with soy bean sauce and hwaso, bean sprouts dressed with raayu, and sprinkled with almonds for a textural accent. The price is 570 yen.

Hot and spicy sauce with a hint of numbing and aroma: Hot and spicy hot and spicy chicken lunch box

FamilyMart "Chef Komoda's Thin Chinese

The hot and spicy sauce, which is served afterwards, uses sweet soy sauce and Zhenjiang aromatic vinegar to add depth to the flavor. The batter for the yuzu-gonny chicken is thinly made for a crispy texture. The price is 658 yen.

Sesame aroma of the bean-jam vermicelli soup

FamilyMart "Chef Komoda's Thin Chinese

Two types of sesame seeds with different degrees of granularity are used. The aroma is brought out by stir-frying the sesame seeds, and the addition of sourness and soy sauce gives the soup a sharp taste. The price is 428 yen.

Bambo Chicken Salad

with a sharp taste
FamilyMart "Chef Komoda's Thin Chinese

The use of flavorful raayu oil, black vinegar, and salad vinegar gives this dish a sharp taste. In addition to bean sprouts and cucumbers, you can also enjoy the texture of nuts and dried tofu. The price is 298 yen.

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