Ministop "Premium Uji Green Tea Soft".

Ministop "Matcha Latte Soft" and "Premium Uji Matcha Soft"

will go on sale sequentially at Ministop from Friday, January 27, and will be available nationwide through Friday, February 3. A coupon for a 20 yen discount off the regular price of participating soft serve ice cream is available by registering for the Ministop app.

Matcha Latte Soft

: Using Uji matcha from Kyoto, this soft serve retains the bitterness of matcha while using raw milk from Hokkaido to create a refreshing taste similar to that of a matcha latte drink. The latte base makes it easy to eat. The soft aroma and slight sweetness are key points.

Ministop "Matcha Latte Soft

The price is 291.60 yen (tax included, same as below). Energy consumption is 261 kcal (154 kcal per cup).

Ministop "Matcha Latte Soft

Matcha Latte Mix


"Matcha Latte Mix Soft" will also be available. The price is 291.60 yen. The energy content is 265 kcal (158 kcal per cup).

Ministop "Matcha Latte Mix Soft


price is 399.60 yen each. Energy consumption is 246 kcal for "Tokumori Soft Matcha Latte" and 252 kcal for "Tokumori Soft Matcha Latte Mix.

MINISTOP "Tokumori Soft Green Tea Latte" and "Tokumori Soft Green Tea Latte Mix

Premium Uji Matcha Soft

Uji Matcha Mont Blanc Cream topped with Uji Matcha powder is a luxurious item that can be enjoyed both in taste and appearance. The deep aroma and delicious flavor of the tea leaves are key points.

Ministop "Premium Uji Green Tea Soft".

Price: 399.60 yen. Energy consumption is 300 kcal per cone and 186 kcal per cup.

Ministop App Special Coupon

Register with the Ministop App to receive a coupon for a 20 yen discount off the price of participating soft serve ice cream. To use the coupon, you must register with the Ministop App, and obtain and present the coupon. Coupon is for take-out only.

Ministop App Special Coupons

Coupon validity period: From the start of sales to Thursday, February 9.
Target products: Matcha Latte Soft / Matcha Latte Mix Soft / Premium Uji Matcha Soft (also available in cups)

* Tax inclusive prices are shown at the reduced tax rate of 8% applicable to take-out. The standard tax rate of 10% applies when eating or drinking at the eat-in space.
When purchased as a single item, the price is rounded down to the nearest whole number.
The starting date of sales differs depending on the store.
The raw material manufacturing plant shares a production line with a product that contains eggs.