LAWSON "Peach & Apricot like a Peach".
All images are sourced from Lawson's official website.

Here are the new arrivals of sweets that will be available at Lawson stores from July 26. The lineup includes the following six items. Availability may vary by region and store.

Matcha jelly that looks like matcha latte

This is a sweet that looks like a matcha latte. It is a combination of fluffy whipped cream, matcha milk pudding, and matcha jelly with a smooth and firm texture. The price is 322 yen (tax included).

LAWSON "Matcha Jelly that looks like a Matcha Latte".

Peach & apricot jelly that tastes like a peach

Smooth, mouthwatering apricot jelly with the taste of peaches. The peach jelly and pulp are melt-in-your-mouth, and the crushed jelly has a cool, plump texture. Price: 322 yen.

LAWSON "Peach & Apricot like a Peach".

Taiwan Castella

A rich cream and condensed milk sauce are sandwiched in a soft and fluffy dough baked slowly in a hot water bath with meringue. The amount of cream has been increased so that customers can enjoy more cream. The price is 235 yen.

Lawson "Taiwan sponge cake

Thick egg cake

A rich cake with an eggy flavor. The moist and fluffy texture is created by mixing separately prepared meringue and plenty of egg yolks, and the whipped custard made with fresh cream is sandwiched between the meringue and egg yolk. The price is 214 yen.

Lawson "Thick egg cake

UCHI-CAFE Japanese Fruits: Iwate Blueberry 75ml (2.54us fl oz)

Blueberry is now available in the Japanese Fruits series. It contains 30% blueberry juice and pulp. Price: 192 yen.

LAWSON "UCHICAFE Japanese Fruits: Iwate blueberries 75ml

Meiji Pistachio Ice 150ml (5.07us fl oz)

Layers of pistachio-flavored shaved ice, pistachio ice cream and milk-flavored sauce. Price: 214 yen.

LAWSON "Meiji Pistachio Ice 150ml