McDonald's "McShake Tsujiri Green Tea Latte", "Kikyo Shingenmochi Pie", "Waffle Cone Tokyo Banana".

McDonald's will release new sweets "McShake Tsujiri Matcha Latte", "Kikyo Shingenmochi Pie" and "Waffle Cone Tokyo Banana" on April 27 in collaboration with Japanese local specialties (except some stores).

McShake Tsujiri Matcha Latte

This McShake, supervised by Tsujiri, a long-established tea shop in Kyoto, allows you to enjoy the taste of Uji green tea. The taste of matcha latte has been created to bring out the gentle sweetness of the milk in the McShake. This cool treat allows you to fully enjoy the exquisite harmony of the subtle bitterness and aroma unique to Uji matcha green tea. The price is 150 yen for the S size and 230 yen for the M size (tax included).

McDonald's "McShake Tsujiri Matcha Latte".

Tsuji shinnyou" is correctly written as "Tsuji" with one dot.

Kikyo Shingenmochi Pie

A crispy pie crust is filled with a rich kinako mochi (soybean flour) filling and a thick molasses filling. In order to express Yamanashi Prefecture's famous Kikyo Shingen cake as a pie, the balance between the kinako mochi filling and the brown sugar filling has been carefully selected to give the pie the characteristic sticky texture of kinako mochi, the Kikyo Shingen cake. The taste and texture of the mochi is a perfect replica of Kikyouya's signature flavor and texture. The price is 160 yen.

McDonald's "Kikyo Shingenmochi Pie".

Waffle Cone Tokyo Banana

Crunchy waffle cone and milk-rich soft serve ice cream are combined with mellow banana custard sauce and almonds, which are carefully balanced in terms of natural sweetness and richness of custard under the supervision of "Tokyo Banana". Price: 250 yen.

McDonald's "Waffle Cone Tokyo Banana

The three products are offered in limited-quantity packages with McDonald's original design that directly expresses the world view of each specialty. The original packages will be discontinued as soon as they are gone.