Cafe de Crié "Strawberry White Chocolat" and "Iced Strawberry White Chocolat

Café de Crié Winter Drink, Dessert and Food Menu

Café de Crié will release "Strawberry White Chocolat", "Iced Strawberry White Chocolat" and "Ginger-Scented Creamy Chai" for the drink menu, "White Chocolat & Berry Mont Blanc" and "Nishio Green Tea Chiffon Cake" for the dessert menu, and "Pasta Bolognese with Demiglace Sauce" and "Warm Morning Plate Broccoli Cheese Potage" for the food menu on November 16. Cake", "Pasta Bolognese with Demi-glace Sauce" and "Warm Morning Plate with Broccoli Cheese Potage" will be available on November 16.

Strawberry White Ch


Iced Strawberry White Chocolat

A dessert drink perfect for the festive holiday season, inspired by strawberry sweets covered with white chocolate. Hokkaido milk is combined with strawberry puree and white chocolate for a mild, sweet, and melt-in-your-mouth experience.

Cafe de Crié "Strawberry White Chocolat" and "Iced Strawberry White Chocolat

The whipped cream is topped with freeze-dried strawberries, strawberry puree, and white chocolate sauce. The sweet and sour taste of strawberries and the gentle sweetness of white chocolate can be felt with each sip. Priced from 490 yen each.

Ginger-scented Creamy Chai

: Cafe de Crier's original royal milk tea is combined with spicy syrup made from ginger, cinnamon, and cardamom, and finished with Hokkaido milk. Topped with whipped topping and ginger powder. The creamy texture and tangy aftertaste of ginger can be enjoyed. Priced from 490 yen.

Cafe de Crié "Creamy chai with ginger aroma

White Chocolat & Berry Mont Blanc

White Christmas-inspired cake. The sponge is topped with sweet and sour raspberry sauce and strawberry cream, and white chocolate Mont Blanc cream is squeezed over the top.

The top is topped with freeze-dried strawberries and pistachio dice. The milky flavor of the white chocolate is recommended to pair with a café latte with the mild richness and bitterness of espresso. Priced at 490 yen, with a 30 yen discount for drink set menus.


Matcha Chiffon

Cake Baked with Nishio matcha grown and processed in and around Nishio City, Aichi Prefecture, this chiffon cake is soft and light in texture. The top is topped with whipped topping, matcha powder, and azuki beans. The elegant flavor of Nishio matcha is recommended for pairing with royal milk tea made with rich Assam. Price is 490 yen, 30 yen discount for drink set menu.

Cafe de Crié "White Chocolate & Berry Mont Blanc" and "Nishio Green Tea Chiffon Cake
Nishio green tea chiffon cake (left) White chocolate & berry Mont Blanc (right)

Pasta Bolognese - Demi-glace Sauce Tailored -

Rich pasta slowly simmered with ground beef and pork, sauteed onions, tomato paste, and demi-glace sauce or red wine. Honey is added as a secret ingredient for a sweet finish.

Cafe de Crié "Pasta Bolognese with demi-glace sauce

We recommend adding a half-boiled egg as a topping (+90 yen). It enhances the flavor of the meat and gives it a mellow taste.

Prices start at 790 yen, with a 50 yen discount for drink set menus. +For 110 yen more, you can change to fettuccine noodles, which are 50% lower in sugar content (compared to the spaghetti used by the company) and have a firmer texture.

Cafe de Crié "Pasta Bolognese - Demi-glace sauce" fettuccine noodles

Warm Morning Plate with


Cheese Potage A morning plate with broccoli cheese potage from Pokka Sapporo Food & Beverage's "Slowly Cooked" series. The set includes potage with the delicious taste of cheese and gentle flavor of vegetables, savory toast, warm scrambled eggs, and a choice of drink. Prices start at 650 yen.

Cafe de Crié "Warm Morning Plate - Broccoli Cheese Potage

Prices may differ at some locations.