Starbucks "Matcha Tea Latte (Iced)

Starbucks Matcha Tea Latte (Iced) Now

on the Regular Menu The long-awaited Matcha Tea Latte, which has been popular at Starbucks for many years, is now available again on the regular menu in iced form.

The sweetness and bitterness of matcha green tea is served with milk in this


tea latte. The soft and gentle taste of milk is now available in iced form as well. The product will go on sale on June 14. Prices are as follows

To-go: Short 452 yen, Tall 491 yen, Grande 535 yen, Venti (R) 579 yen
In-store: Short 460 yen, Tall 500 yen, Grande 545 yen, Venti (R) 590 yen