Mac Cafe by Barista "Strawberry Miruku Shiratama Frappe", "Macaroon Strawberry Milk", "Double Chocolate Uji Matcha Latte".


by Barista

New Drinks and Sweets

New products "Strawberry Miruku Shiratama Frappe," "Macaroon Strawberry Milk," and "Double Chocolate Uji Matcha Latte" will be available at McDonald's "McCafe by Barista" stores from March 1 (Wed.) to mid-April. to mid-April. Sales will end as soon as they are gone.

Strawberry Miruku Shiratama Frappe

: A mild, rich milk and sweet and sour strawberry drink base topped with a strawberry miruku-flavored shiratama and whipped cream, the first time McCafe has offered flavored shiratama. The pink shiratama has a sticky texture and the strawberry miruku has a gentle sweetness, giving it a spring-like appearance.

Mac Cafe by Barista "Strawberry Miruku Shiratama Frappe

Priced from 490 yen (tax included). Available at McCafe by Barista McDonald's restaurants nationwide and at 896 McDonald's restaurants in Japan.

Macaroon Strawberry Milk

: A soft and fluffy dough with almonds kneaded into it and a mildly sweet strawberry milk cream sandwiched between them. The light pink color is inspired by strawberry milk.

Mac Cafe by Barista "Macaroon Strawberry Milk

Priced from 190 yen. Available at McCafe by Barista McDonald's stores nationwide and at 896 select McDonald's stores.

Double Chocolate Uji Matcha Latte

The double

chocolate Uji Matcha Latte

combines the bittersweet matcha powder made with Uji matcha from Kyoto with white chocolate syrup and fluffy milk foam, and is topped with whipped cream, matcha powder, and chocolate sauce. The sweetness of the two types of chocolate enhances the bitterness and aroma of the matcha.

Mac Cafe by Barista "Double Chocolate Uji Matcha Latte

Priced from 390 yen and available at 240 McDonald's restaurants with McCafe by Barista.

Uji Matcha Frappe, which offers the mellow flavor of matcha, is now available as a regular item. Prices range from 470 yen for a medium size and 520 yen for a large size. Available at McCafe by Barista McDonald's restaurants nationwide and at 452 select McDonald's restaurants.

Prices differ at some stores and delivery locations.