St. Mark's Cafe "Premium Chococlo Black Bean Kinako Mochi", "Dark Green Tea Shiratama Smoothie", "Dark Green Tea Shiratama Latte".

St. Mark

's Cafe

"Premium Chocolate Black Bean Kinako Mochi," "Dark Green Tea Shiratama Smoothie," and "Dark Green Tea Shiratama Latte"

will be available at St. Mark's Cafe from Monday, December 26 until Thursday, January 12, 2023. The new products will be on sale from December 26 (Mon.) to January 12 (Thu.), 2023.

The concept of the new products is "tea party. The new product expresses the company's hospitality, hoping that customers will enjoy a peaceful moment as if they were at a tea ceremony, and that they will feel as relaxed as possible during the hectic year-end and New Year's season.

Premium Chococlo Kurozuki Kinako Mochi (black soybean



rice cake) Traditional New Year's ingredients such as black soybeans and rice cake are used in this product. Kuromame (black soybeans) is meant to wish for "vigor and health.

Premium chocolate kurokuro is made of softly boiled, gently sweetened black soybeans and chunky gyuhi (rice cake), wrapped with chocolate. The crunchy kinako flavored cookie dough is covered with a generous amount of kinako. It has a nostalgic taste as if you are eating Japanese sweets.

St. Mark's Cafe "Premium Chococlo Black Bean Kinako Mochi

Single item 280 yen, premium box of 5 pieces 1,200 yen (tax included, same as below).

Dark Green Tea Shiratama Smoothie

: The rich aroma and bitterness of Uji green tea can be felt in this smoothie. The refreshing taste will keep you coming back for more. The parfait-like appearance of the smoothie is enhanced with kinako cream, shiratama (white bean curd), adzuki beans, and matcha chocolate flakes. 590 yen for an S size smoothie only.

St. Mark's Cafe "Dark Green Tea White Bean Curd Smoothie

Dark Green Tea Shiratama Latte

The soft, sticky shiratama melts in the warm latte, and the sweetness of the adzuki beans harmonizes elegantly with the bitterness of the Uji green tea. S size only, 590 yen.

St. Mark's Cafe "Dark Green Tea Shiratama Latte".

All 2023 grab bags include five 500 yen drink tickets. These tickets can be used for drinks over 500 yen, such as the "Dark Green Tea Shiratama Smoothie" and "Dark Green Tea Shiratama Latte". The drink tickets are spelled out so they can be shared.

St. Mark's Cafe "Dark Green Tea Shiratama Smoothie" and "Dark Green Tea Shiratama Latte".