Funawa "Anko-dama (bean paste ball) apple
Seasonal Anko-dama (All images are sourced from Funawa's official website)

Funawa Seasonal An

kodama Apples Funawa has announced on its official website that "Ankodama Apples" will be available as a seasonal flavor from Funawa's "Ankodama" lineup. Priced at 119 yen per piece (tax included, same below).

The Ankodama is made in the shape of a cute fruit with leaves decorated with green tea agar, and you can enjoy the refreshing taste of the apple red bean paste inside. The product is available in limited quantities until the day after the date of purchase. Limited quantities are available. Sold at the following stores

・ Head store
・ Kaminarimon store
・ Nakamise No.2 store
・ Kafu Asakusa store
・ Ikebukuro Seibu store
・ Kafu Takadanobaba store
・ Kafu Jiyugaoka store
Kanagawa Prefecture
・ Sogo Yokohama store
Saitama Prefecture
・ Omiya Lumine I
・ Urawa Factory store

Funawa "Anko-dama (bean paste ball) apple
Anko (red bean paste) ball, apple


The "Ankodama" series is a long-seller of Funawa, sold along with "Imoyokan" (sweet potato dumpling). In addition to the standard flavors such as "black," "white," "tea," "red," "mandarin orange," and "coffee," seasonal flavors are also available, including this apple flavor. In addition to single items, assortments are also available.