Kozuki "New Year's Fukubukuro" (New Year's gift bag)
Kozuki: Assortment for New Year's Eve and New Year's Day

Kohzuki "New Year's Fukubukuro" and "Kamiseihagashi Shiki-Sen "Kyo no Geishun

"" New Year's Fukubukuro and "Kamiseihagashi Shiki-Sen "Kyo no Geishun"" are now available from Kohzuki, a confectionery shop in Kyoto. Pre-order sales began on November 16 at the official online store.

New Year's


"New Year's Fukubukuro" includes "Himekyo Anmo Hojicha" and "Hime Senju Senbei Kilimanjaro", which are not available at regular stores, as well as the standard "Hana" and "Hanaraku". Suitable for rewarding yourself and for family gatherings during the year-end and New Year holidays.

Limited to 300 sets. The price is 2,160 yen (tax included, delivery fee not included). The sales period is from November 16, 2022 to January 7, 2023. Delivery will be from January 1 to 7, 2023.

Kozuki "New Year's Fukubukuro" (New Year's gift bag)
New Year's gift bag

Himekyo Anmo


"Himekyo Anmo Houjicha" is a fluffy sweet bean paste mixed with "Kyoto Gyokuro Kuki Houjicha" and wrapped in a smooth Domyoji mochi (rice cake). The sweetness of the rice cake is lightly and elegantly sweetened so that you can enjoy the balance between the richness of the azuki beans and the softness of the Domyoji rice cake.

Kougetsu "Himekyo Anmo Houjicha
Himekyo Anmo Houjicha

Hime Senju Senbei


"Hime Senju Senbei Kilimanjaro" is a limited edition flavor of Hime Senju Senbei with a mature taste using Kilimanjaro coffee, which has a refined sourness and bitterness. The aroma of vanilla and butter in the dough and the savory and rich aroma of the coffee will softly spread in your mouth.

Kozuki "Hime Senju Senbei Kilimanjaro
Hime Senju Senbei Kilimanjaro


"Hana" is Kohzuki's signature confectionery, a baked bun filled with yolk bean paste, which has been loved for many years. The aroma of butter and vanilla spreads from the moment the seal is opened. It has a soft texture that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Kougetsu's representative confectionery "Hana
blooming (esp. of cherry blossoms)


"Hanaraku" is a Japanese-Western baked cake made of lemon-flavored pounded dough with sweet bean paste, baked in foil. The lemon aroma spreads softly and elegantly, making it a perfect match with coffee or tea.

Kozuki's baked sweets "Hanaraku
flower capital

Kamiseihagashi Shiki-Sen "Kyo no


" "Kamiseihagashi Shiki-Sen "Kyo no Geishun"" is an assortment of kamiseihagashi that have been handcrafted by Kyoto confectionery artisans to the utmost satisfaction in terms of appearance and taste.

Kougetsu "Kami-Sweets: Season's Selection "Kyoto's New Year's Celebration"" (Japanese only)

The sweet red bean paste is made from the most suitable ingredients selected from all over Japan, and each piece is individually selected by craftsmen and cooked by the company. The "Rabbit Spring" and "Nambu" are the most popular motifs. The "U no Haru," "Nanten," "Nebiki Matsu," "Eternal Friendship," and "Suehiro" are included in the package.

Kougetsu's own bean paste (an)
making one's own bean paste

Limited to 150 boxes, priced at 5,400 yen (including tax and shipping). The sales period is from November 16, 2022 to January 7, 2023. Delivery will be made after December 22, 2022.

Kozuki "U no Haru", "Nanten", "Nebiki Matsu", "Eternal Friend", "Suehiro"
Spring of the Rabbit," "Nanten," "Nebiki Pine," "Eternal Friend," "Suehiro


Spring "Rabbit Spring" is a new year's greeting that expresses a new spirit, a leap forward, a new challenge, and a positive outlook for the year ahead. It also has the meaning of "prosperity of offspring" in reference to the Chinese zodiac sign of Rabbit.


"Nanten" is considered a tree of good luck and protection from bad luck, based on the saying, "Nanten (Nandina) turns from difficulty to fortune. It is a popular good-luck charm for New Year's. It is also used to bring good fortune.


"Nebikimatsu" refers to a pine tree that is pulled out with its roots still attached and displayed at New Year's. The word "Nebirimatsu" is derived from the Japanese word for "rooting. The word "nebiki" means "to take root," and the pine tree's green color is also associated with the meaning of health and peace of mind.

Eikyu no


" (eternal friend) means that the relationship between friends, best friends, and husband and wife should last forever and ever. The crane is branded as a symbol of longevity and a bird of good omen, as the couple gets along well with each other and stays together throughout their lives.


"Suehiro" is a fan shape that spreads further and further as it goes to the end. It is made with the hope that the corona will open up and a bright future will spread, and that things will get better and better.