An paste [chestnut] at Toraya Akasaka
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Commemorative Products for the 5th Anniversary of Toraya Akasaka Store Renew

al Commemorative products for the 5th anniversary of the renewal of Toraya Akasaka Store will be on sale from October 1. Toraya Karyo Akasaka Store will also have a limited set available for one day only on October 1.

Special Yokan "Shinchiyoyu

Toraya Akasaka Store Special Yokan "Shin-Chiyoyu
Image: From the "Gozao Sakashi Sample Book" from 1918

Designed to represent a firm bond that will never change. Priced at 1,944 yen (tax included) per medium-sized piece, available from October 1 until it is gone.

An paste [chestnut]

An paste [chestnut]" at Toraya Akasaka

An paste made from rare white azuki beans and paste of Japanese chestnuts and Western chestnuts is kneaded together to create an an paste with a rich chestnut flavor. Priced at 1,512 yen (tax included), available from October 1.

Akasaka store limited assortment

: An-paste [chestnut], special yokan "Shinchiyoyui" and "Zangetsu", and various other limited items. Priced at 5,270 yen per box (tax included), the assortment will be available from October 1 and will end as soon as it is gone.

Toraya Karyo Akasaka Limited Edition Set

Toraya Karyo Akasaka Store Limited Edition Set

This limited edition set allows you to enjoy a meal, yokan, fresh confectionery, and sweet treats all at once. In addition to sekihan (red rice) and yokan sandwiches, a variety of flavors will be available, including "Tsuki no Dawn," a white azuki bean yokan sold only at the Akasaka store, a Japanese yam with a "5" on it for the 5th anniversary, and mini anmitsu. Priced from 3,850 yen (price varies depending on beverage), available only on October 1.

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