New Mos Burger "Tomato Chicken Chowder".

Mos Burger New "Tomato Chicken Chowder"

and "Oshiruko (Grain An)" Tomato Chicken Chowder and Oshiruko (Grain An) will be available at Mos Burger for a limited time from November 16, 2022 (Wednesday) to late March 2023.


Chicken Ch

owder was first sold in September last year as an autumn/winter soup for a limited time. Due to its popularity, it will be back on sale again this year.

It is a soup with onions, carrots, and chicken in a rich broth base of tomato flavor, concentrated milk, and cream. Tomatoes are used both as paste and pureed (whole tomatoes) to bring out the refreshing acidity and sweetness of the tomatoes.

New Mos Burger "Tomato Chicken Chowder".

In addition, boiled rice is added to the soup to mellow the overall flavor. The addition of basil pesto from Oita Prefecture gives the soup a sharp taste, making it an even better match for the hamburger.

The price is 340 yen (tax included). For an additional 50 yen to each set price, you can also choose a drink as part of the set menu.

Oshiruko (sweet red bean

paste), a Mos original that has become a staple of the fall and winter season, will be on sale again this year. Oshiruko is made with azuki beans produced in Hokkaido, which have a gentle and refined sweetness, and round rice cakes made from "Hakucho mochi," a type of glutinous rice produced in Hokkaido.

Mos Burger New "Oshiruko (Sweet red bean paste)

Hakucho mochi is suitable for To go because it does not harden easily and stays soft for a long time. The sticky yet crispy texture of mochi and the moderate sweetness of oshiruko make this a warm dessert perfect for the cold season.

The price is 380 yen.