Chateraise "Respect-for-Senior-Citizens Day: Thank You Decoration 14cm of Yamanashi Prefecture's Shine Muscat
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The latest cakes recommended for gifts and souvenirs! The lineup includes new products from Chateraise, Fujiya Confectionery, Ginza Cozy Corner, and FLO. Click on the link for each product name to check out more information!


Three sweets perfect for Respect-for-Senior-Citizens Day have been on sale since September 15.

With cute designs, they are perfect for expressing your gratitude to your grandparents. Respect-for-Senior-Citizens Day Thank You Cupcake and "Respect-for-Senior-Citizens Day: Red Beans and Chestnuts Cupcake," a cake with a blend of Japanese and Western flavors that combines red bean paste and fruit. Respect-for-Senior-Citizens Day Shortcake with Red Beans and Chestnuts and "Respect-for-Senior-Citizens Day: Red Beans and Chestnut Shortcake," which is decorated with plenty of juicy and sweet Shine Muscat grapes. Respect-for-Senior-Citizens Day: Thank You Decoration 14cm with Shine Muscat from Yamanashi Prefecture The lineup includes

In addition, the September limited edition decorated cake " Yamanashi Grapes Decoration and " Chocolat Marron Cube Decoration and "Strawberry Soufflé Cheese Decoration Strawberry Soufflé Cheese Decoration are also available. The whole cakes are recommended for gatherings and celebrations with family and friends.

Fujiya Confectionary Shop

will start selling "Premium Chocolate Fresh Cake" from September 12. Premium Chocolate Nama Cake will be available from September 15, and " Italian Cheesecake (Cassata) and "Italian Cheesecake (Cassata)" from September 15. Mochi White Peach and Black Tea Cake and "Japanese Chestnut and Espresso Luxurious Millefeuille Japanese Chestnut and Espresso Luxury Millefeuille Fruit Shortcake Fruit Shortcake Fruit Shortcake Daifuku Muscat (Japanese muscat) are on sale.

On September 22, we will be offering " Cheyenne Muscat Tart " " Shortcake Jewelry Box (Japanese Chine Muscat) will also be available.

From September 1,


will launch "KOJI PREMIUM Eclair (Rich Chocolat)", a luxury eclair with a focus on chocolate cream. KOJI Premium eclair (rich chocolate) is now on sale. In addition, from September 15 to September 29, a limited time offer will be available for a limited time only: a sweet perfect for moon viewing called " Jugoya Chiffon is also on sale. This chiffon cake is made in the image of a rabbit and the moon.

On September 22, a cake in collaboration with Lotte's chocolate candy "Sasa" called " Sasa mille crepe will also be available.


Seasonal sweets using fresh "Shine Muscat" are available from September 14. The "Champagne Muscat Custard" is on sale from September 14. Chine Muscat Custard Tart - Damande The "Chine Muscat Custard Tart - Damande" is on sale from September 14. Special Shortcake with Cheyenne Muscat and "Special Shortcake of Cheyenne Muscat". Cheyenne Muscat Rare Cheese Cake ~Creme D'Ange~" "Cheyenne Muscat Rare Cheese Cake ~Creme D'Ange and "Charme d'Anjou Soft Rare Cheese Tart ~Shine Muscat will be available in the lineup.

FLO "Cheinmuscat Custard Tart - Damande", etc.

On September 16, a limited edition Chine Muscat Tart ~Pudding~" and "Chine Muscat Rare Cheese Cake ~Creme d'Anjou will also be available. This tart cake has a pudding tart base and is decorated with fresh pine muscats and topped with muscat-flavored jelly.