Danone Oikos Fat 0 Apple" for a limited time

Danone Oikos


"Danone Oikos Fat 0 Apple" from the "Danone Oikos" series of drained yogurt will be available. The release date is November 14 for convenience stores, and it will be shipped to supermarkets from November 21. The price is open to the public.


Oikos Fat 0 Apple "Danone Oikos Fat 0 Apple" is a drained yogurt with 10.1g (0.04oz) protein content, zero fat, and only 91kcal (per 113g (3.99oz) cup). The apple sauce is created with attention to not only the aroma and taste of the juice, but also the size and texture of the pulp.

The package depicts a dynamic snowboarder, capturing the high season of winter sports. The pure white world of snow is combined with the image of the glossy white yogurt surface that can be seen when the lid of Oikos is opened to create an original design of a dynamic snowboarder.