Mos Burger New Menu and Campaign Summary

Mos Burger New Menu Summary

A summary of new menu items released at Mos Burger. Information on popular teriyaki burgers, Mos Chicken, limited time only hamburgers, Mos Chicken, set menus, online ordering, drinks, desserts, etc. will be updated as needed.

All prices include tax.
*Several items are available at different stores.
*Some items are no longer available and some campaigns are no longer available.

Tobikiri Avocado


The Tobikiri Avocado Croquette features a "Tobikiri" hamburger steak made with 100% Japanese meat and a crispy avocado sauce. The "Tobikiri Avocado Croquette" is a luxurious combination of a rich 100% Japanese hamburger steak and crispy avocado croquette. The rich flavor of the croquette will fill your mouth as you eat it. The combination of croquette and hamburger steak makes for a satisfying combination, and the use of avocado, which contains many vitamins, dietary fiber, and other essential nutrients for the body, makes this a product recommended for health-conscious people as well.

The avocado croquette is topped with crispy shredded cabbage and Aurora sauce. In addition to avocado, the avocado croquette contains a good balance of potatoes and other ingredients. The rich flavor of the avocado and the crunchy texture of the croquette can be enjoyed.

Mos Burger "Tobikiri Avocado Croquette", a limited time product using avocado

A "Double Tobikiri Avocado Croquette" with two hamburgers is also available.

The "Tobikiri Avocado Croquette" is priced at 590 yen, and the "Double Tobikiri Avocado Croquette (two hamburgers)" is 830 yen. The product will be on sale from November 16 until February 7, 2023.

A special "


Set" is also available, which includes the "Tobikiri Avocado Croquette", "Edamame Corn Fries", and a drink. The amount of "Edamame Corn Fries" has been increased by 1.5 times following the renewal. The price remains the same, but the set menu offers even more value for money.

Mos Burger "Tobikiri Avocado Croquette", a limited time product using avocado

The "Imatoku Set (Tobikiri Avocado Croquette, Edamame Corn Fries, Set Drink)" is priced at 920 yen. It will be available from November 16 to February 7, 2023.

The cafe latte with the subtle bitterness of espresso and the sweetness of fine milk foam is combined with a caramel sauce made from brown sugar from


Island in Okinawa Prefecture. The caramel sauce also contains Hokkaido butter and condensed milk, which enhances the mild sweetness of the brown sugar. This luxurious drink is perfect for the cold season and will add color to your winter tea time.

Mos Burger Summary

The price is 380 yen. It is also available as a set menu drink for an additional 50 yen to the price of each set (not available for the Lunch Discount Set and Imatoku Set). The product will be on sale from November 16 until late March 2023.

Tomato Chicken Chowder

A rich soup base with tomato flavor, concentrated milk and cream, and onions, carrots and chicken meat. Tomatoes are used both as paste and pureed (whole tomatoes) to bring out the fresh acidity and sweetness of the tomatoes.

New Mos Burger "Tomato Chicken Chowder".

In addition, boiled rice is added to mellow the overall flavor. The addition of basil paste from Oita Prefecture gives the soup a sharp taste, making it an even better match for the hamburger.

The price is 340 yen. For an additional 50 yen on top of the set price, you can also choose a drink as part of the set menu (not available with the Lunch Discount Set and Imatoku Set). The product will be on sale from November 16 until late March 2023.

Oshiruko (sweet red bean paste)

Mos original oshiruko, which has become a staple of the fall and winter season, will be available again this year. The oshiruko is made with azuki beans produced in Hokkaido, which have a gentle and refined sweetness, and round rice cakes made from "Hakucho mochi," a type of glutinous rice produced in Hokkaido.

Mos Burger New "Oshiruko (Sweet red bean paste)

Hakucho mochi is suitable for To go because it does not harden easily and stays soft for a long time. The sticky yet crispy texture of mochi and the moderate sweetness of oshiruko make this a warm dessert perfect for the cold season.

The price is 380 yen. The product will be on sale from November 16 until late March 2023.

Dekopon Ginger Ale [1.0% Kumamoto dekopon juice used (

fresh juice



"Dekopon Ginger Ale [1.0% Kumamoto dekopon juice used (fresh juice equivalent) ]" is a carbonated drink combining ginger ale and syrup made from the juice of Kumamoto prefecture-grown dekopons. Whole grated Dekopon are used in the syrup, and the peel is also added. The drink is sweet with just the right amount of sourness, giving it a juicy taste like fresh fruit.

Mos Burger "Dekopon Ginger Ale [1.0% Kumamoto Prefecture Dekopon juice used (fresh juice equivalent)

Priced at 270 yen for the S size, 340 yen for the M size, and 410 yen for the L size. For an additional 50 yen to each set price, you can also choose it as a set menu drink (M size only). The product will be on sale from November 16 until late March 2023.
Decopon is a registered trademark of JA Kumamoto Fruits Association.

Tsukimi Teriyaki Burger

and Double Tsukimi Teriyaki Burger

"Tsukimi Teriyaki Burger" is the original teriyaki burger by Mos, topped with an original half-boiled style egg. The Japanese-style burger with the sweet, rich flavors of soy sauce and miso, intertwined with the melty, half-boiled egg reminiscent of moon viewing, is a product that evokes the feeling of autumn in Japan. A "Double Tsukimi Teriyaki Burger" with two patties is also available.

Tsukimi Teriyaki Burger and Double Tsukimi Teriyaki Burger

The "Tsukimi Teriyaki Burger" is priced at 450 yen. The "Double Tsukimi Teriyaki Burger" is priced at 590 yen. Sales will start on October 18 (until all the burgers are gone).


Set: A special "Imatoku Set" that includes the "Tsukimi Teriyaki Burger" with "Edamame Corn Fries" and a drink will also be available.

Tsukimi Teriyaki Burger and Double Tsukimi Teriyaki Burger

The price is 780 yen. The set will be available from October 18 (or as soon as all the burgers are gone).


Focaccia "Tsukimi Focaccia" is a menu item inspired by the autumnal custom of "otsukimi" (moon viewing). Juicy and chewy sausage is combined with Mos original barbecue sauce and half-boiled egg, and sandwiched between soft and fluffy focaccia. The soft and fluffy focaccia sandwiches are filled with the rich and thick yolk of the semi-boiled egg, which envelops the entire dish in a mellow flavor.

Mos Burger "Tsukimi Focaccia" (moon-viewing focaccia)

The price is 520 yen. On sale from September 14 to mid-November.


Toku Set "Autumn Toku Set" is a set of limited time-only autumn menu items at a discount price. The set includes "Tsukimi Focaccia", "Edamame Corn Fries", and a set drink.

Mos Burger "Tsukimi Focaccia" (moon-viewing focaccia)

The price is 850 yen. The set will be on sale from September 14 to mid-November.

Barbecue Focaccia

Focaccia is a bread characterized by its wheat aroma and soft texture, and is said to be the original form of pizza. This time, the horseshoe-shaped sausage has been increased by 8% and color has been added with green leaves and shredded cabbage in hopes that customers will feel more satisfied in time for the fall season when appetites are at their peak. The smoky aroma of hickory in the smoked sausage and sauce can be enjoyed, making this a dish that is both satisfying and aromatic, perfect for the autumn season of appetite.

Mos Burger "Barbecue Focaccia

It is priced at 460 yen. On sale from September 14 to mid-November.

Moschkin Ticket" for


A "Moschkin Ticket" (1,400 yen), which can be exchanged for a "Moschkin Pack (5 pieces)", has been on sale since October 5. The ticket can be redeemed from December 1 to February 28, 2023, with an early bird discount of 1,300 yen until December 11.

Mos Burger "Mos Chicken Pack (5-pack)

MOSTIKIN tickets can also be exchanged for MOSTIKIN packs (5 packs) at stores other than the store of purchase, so they can also be used as gifts.

Moschkin Pack (


) "Moschkin Pack (5-pack)" features chicken meat marinated in a special soy sauce sauce and deep-fried to a savory, juicy flavor. The meat has no bones except for the handle, making it easy for children to eat, and can be easily enjoyed with one hand. The rice flour batter is used to keep the crispy texture for a long time, and it is also suitable for To go.

Mos Burger "Mos Chicken Pack (5-pack)

Mos Chicken Pack (5-pack), Frozen Mos Chicken (5-pack) Special

Online Pre-ordering Order From November 9 to December 20, "Special Online Pre-ordering Ordering" will be available, with a 100 yen discount (1,300 yen) until December 11 (for "Mos Net Ordering Members" with a Mos Card who can pay online). (This offer is available to "Mosu Net Order Members" who have a Mosu Card that allows online payment.) In addition, a "100 yen electronic coupon for special pre-order only" will be given as a purchase privilege (not applicable to guest order holders). The coupon can be used from December 26 to February 28, 2023.

Okinawa BBQ


"Okinawa BBQ Burger" and "Spicy Okinawa BBQ Burger" commemorating the 50th anniversary of Okinawa's reversion to mainland Japan are now on sale at all 21 Mos Burger stores in Okinawa Prefecture.

The "Okinawa BBQ Burger" consists of a patty on a green leaf, mayonnaise-type mayonnaise, sliced tomatoes, sliced onions, and beef ribs topped with barbecue sauce that has a unique taste and flavor. Beef belly is a part characterized by a good balance of lean and fatty meat, and is sliced to a good thickness that retains its texture and juiciness. This is a luxurious hamburger that allows you to enjoy the flavor of the meat, but is also well-balanced with vegetables.

Okinawa BBQ Burger" at Okinawa Mos.

The price is 550 yen. Sales will begin on October 5.

Spicy Okinawa BB

Q Burger "Okinawa BBQ Burger" with jalapeno added. The spiciness of the jalapeño matches the smoky and spicy sauce, giving it a more stimulating taste.

Mos Burger "Sea bream cutlet [Ainan Town, Ehime Prefecture]".

The price is 580 yen. The burger will go on sale on October 5.



Burger "Narimosu Double Burger" was first sold at the first Mos Burger store "Mos Burger Narimosu" (aka "Narimosu": Narimosu, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo) in March as part of Mos Burger's 50th anniversary celebration, and from October 3 to October 16, it was available at 172 Mos Burger stores in Tokyo. The product was sold at 172 Mos Burger outlets in Tokyo for a limited time from October 3 to October 16.

all over burger

The "Mos Burger," a typical Mos Burger menu item, consists of a juicy patty (meat) on a bun, cut onions, a generous amount of Mos original meat sauce, and sliced tomatoes, topped with another patty, onions, meat sauce, and crunchy lettuce. The burger is then topped with a patty, onions, meat sauce, and crispy lettuce, and served on a bun. This commemorative product is a modern version of the "Mos Double Burger" (sold until 1990), a menu item from the time of the company's founding.

The price is 690 yen.


Dolce Cup Strawberry Mousse Cake "Chilly Dolce Cup Strawberry Mousse Cake" has a moist cocoa sponge made with rice flour and beet sugar on the bottom, then a layer of strawberry mousse made with soy milk processed products, and finally soy milk whipped cream, strawberry compote and pistachio topping. Finally, the mousse cake is topped with soymilk whipped cream, strawberry compote, and pistachios. The slightly bitter cocoa sponge and mildly sweet strawberry mousse are made in two layers, each with a different flavor.

Mos "Chilly Dolce Cup Strawberry Mousse Cake

The richness of the mousse cake makes you feel that it is flour-, milk-, and egg-free. It is a perfect tea-time treat that is both pleasing to the eye and to the palate. The finished product can be enjoyed by a wide range of people, including those who do not like dairy products or white sugar. This is not a low-allergen menu item.

Price: 340 yen. Sales will begin on September 14.



Ore Hokkaido Strawberry Ore, made with Hokkaido milk and strawberries, will be available at Mos Burger restaurants in Hokkaido for a limited time and in limited quantities. The strawberries are "Red Fairy" from Hokkaido. Akai Fairy" is a type of summer/autumn strawberry with a good balance of sweetness and tartness, and is characterized by its red flesh. The combination with milk brings out the refreshing sourness of strawberries, creating a luxurious taste with a refreshing aftertaste.

Mos Burger "Hokkaido Strawberry Ore".

The price is 300 yen. The product will be on sale from September 14 to mid-November, and will be discontinued as soon as it is gone.