Mos Burger ONE PIECE collaboration toy first released on October 4

MOS BURGER ONE PIECE Collaboration Toys First Set to Go on Sale October 4

Mos Burger will offer toys in collaboration with the popular anime "ONE PIECE" for a limited time. The toy is targeted at sets for children and sets of low-allergen menu items. The offer will run from October 4 to mid-November. Quantities are limited and will end as soon as they are gone.

A total of six types of collaborative toys are planned, with the first three offered this time. The first collaboration toys are a band-aid, a slider case, and a Going Merry paper craft. With the purchase of a set for an eligible child or a set from the low-allergen menu, you can choose one toy of your choice. The "ONE PIECE" collaboration logo will also appear on the Moschkin pack boxes and variety packs.

Mos Burger ONE PIECE Collaboration Toy No.1

Mos Burger ONE PIECE Collaboration Toy No.1

Mos Burger ONE PIECE Collaboration Toy No.1

Menu for collaboration toys

Mosui Wai Wai Set

: "Burger, etc." + "French Fries S" + "Cold Drink S" or "Fruits and Vegetables" + "Toy". Prices range from 520 yen to 640 yen.

Choice of "Wai Wai Mos Cheeseburger," "Wai Wai Burger," "Wai Wai Cheeseburger," or "Wai Wai Nugget." Cold drinks for set drinks and Mos Shake S are also available for an additional 50 yen.

Moss "Moss Wai Wai Set"

Low Allergen Menu

Set with Drink and Toy

The "Low Allergen Menu" is a set of products that are free of the seven major allergens (eggs, milk, wheat, shrimp, crab, buckwheat, and peanuts). The set includes "Low Allergen Menu" + either "Cold Drink S" or "Fruits and Vegetables" + "Toy". The price is 580 yen. Choice of "Pork Sandwich [Rice Flour]" or "Pork Roll [Rice Flour]".

Mos "Low Allergen Menu: Set with Drink and Toy"

All prices include tax.

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