Mos Burger "Mos Rice Burger [Korean Style Spicy Pork]".

Online-only "Mos Rice Burger <Korean Spicy Pork>"

Mos Food Service, a Mos Burger company, launches "Mos Rice Burger <Korean Spicy Pork>" at the "Mos Rice Burger Specialty Store" corner in the online store "Mos Official Online Shop ~Life with MOS Sales will begin at 8:00 a.m. on Monday, November 6, 2023.

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The "MOSS Official Online Shop - Life with MOS" opened in July 2022 offers frozen foods arranged so that customers can enjoy products offered at stores at home, arrangements of popular menu items from overseas Mos Burger restaurants, and limited-edition menu items not available at Mos Burger restaurants, lifestyle goods, and more. In August this year, a "MOSS RICE BURGER specialty store" was opened within the official online store.

The new "Moss Rice Burger [Korean-style spicy pork]" is a Moss Rice Burger Specialty Store original, and follows the "Moss Rice Burger [Gapao]" that was launched in August, and is a series that allows customers to enjoy a familiar international dish in the form of a rice burger.

The Mosu Rice Burger combines pork belly and vegetables with Mosu's special spicy sauce. The spicy sauce contains Korean-style chili miso gochujang, soy bean sauce, sugar, garlic, and other ingredients to create a unique richness. It has a good balance of umami and spiciness, and goes perfectly with rice. The addition of garlic sprouts and carrots gives the burger a textured texture that makes it a satisfying dish.

Product name: "Mos Rice Burger [Korean-style spicy pork]" (6 pieces, 3,120 yen)
Price: 3,120 yen (6 pieces)
Sales period: Monday, November 6, 2023 8:00 -
Sales site name: Mos official online store - Life with MOS -
Corner name : Moslice Burger Specialty Store

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