Mos Burger Tsukimi Focaccia Barbecue Focaccia

Mos Burger Tsukimi Focaccia Barbecue Focaccia

Mos Burger will sell "Tsukimi Focaccia" and "Barbecue Focaccia" for a limited time. The sales agency will be open from September 13 to mid-November.

Last year, "Tsukimi Focaccia" using half-boiled egg (Mos original egg product) was sold in the image of "Otsukimi," a traditional autumnal custom, and was so popular that its sales were temporarily suspended after less than two weeks. Since there were many requests for its revival, "Tsukimi Focaccia" and "Barbecue Focaccia" will be available again this year.

This year, the semi-boiled eggs used in the Tsukimi Focaccia have been renewed. It contains eggshell calcium, which is made from eggshells that would normally be thrown away. In addition, the yolk sauce has also been enhanced in flavor and richness. The semi-boiled style egg, which also contains vitamin E, is not only tasty but also nutritious.

Tsukimi Focaccia

Juicy and chewy sausage made from natural sheep intestine is combined with Mos original barbecue sauce and semi-boiled egg, and sandwiched in a soft and fluffy focaccia. The thick yolk sauce overflows from the semi-boiled egg, enveloping the entire sandwich with a mild flavor. Priced at 580 yen.

Mos Burger "Tsukimi Focaccia" (moon-viewing focaccia)

Barbecue Focaccia

A juicy, crispy sausage topped with Mos original barbecue sauce and sandwiched between fluffy focaccia. The focaccia dough is crispy and fluffy, and is moistened by the addition of salted malt. The barbecue sauce is a Mos original sauce made with cabbage, fried eggplant, and other ingredients and flavored with the aroma of smoked hickory wood. The price is 510 yen.

Mos Burger "Barbecue Focaccia