Mos Burger "Niku Niku Burger
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Mos Burger 29th of every month limited edition "Niku Niku Burger" and other items

Three burgers, "Niku Niku Burger", "Spicy Niku Niku Burger" and "New Kin Niku Burger" will be available at Mos Burger restaurants on September 29, 2012. Available from 10:30 a.m.

Niku Niku


Mos Burger "Niku Niku Burger

The rice portion of the popular "Mos Rice Burger Yakiniku" has been replaced with a patty, and teriyaki chicken and lettuce are sandwiched in between. It is the perfect volume for those who want to eat a lot of meat. Available only on the 29th of every month. The price is 910 yen (tax included, same as below).

Spicy Niku Niku Burger

Mos Burger "Spicy Niku Niku Burger"

The "Niku Niku Burger" is topped with 1.5 times more jalapenos than the Spicy Mos Burger. Recommended for those who like spicy food. Available only on the 29th of every month. Price: 950 yen.

New Kinnikuniku Burger (limited time offer

Mos Burger "New Kinnikuniku Burger (limited time only)

A meat day limited edition burger supervised by Okada Kazuchika (New Japan Pro-Wrestling). The burger is made with a chicken patty, soy patty, chicken nuggets, and two slices of cheese, and is tailored to provide approximately 32g (1.13oz) of protein. It will be available on the 29th of every month until February 29, 2024. The price is 850 yen.

Some stores may not carry the product.

Mos new drinks are also available: Mos Burger "Mawaru Shake Crackle Blue Soda" jointly developed with the radio program "MOS Radio NACK5 Store" by the rock band "KEYTALK"!