Bandai Candy Division "Oblate's Taberato PUI PUI Morkar

Oblate Taberato PUI PUI


Bandai Candy Division will sell "Oblate Taberato PUI PUI Morker," a new "Oblate Taberato" product that allows users to print characters on Oblate to make realistic character food. The release date is October 31. 1 piece. Two types in total. Price: 297 yen each (tax included).


PUI Morker is a new addition to the "Oblate no Taberato" series, a strong ally of busy parents who can easily arrange dishes into character meals. You can easily decorate your usual lunch boxes and desserts in a cute way by simply cutting and pasting this product.

There are two types of sheets: pattern A uses materials from the new animated series that began airing on October 8, 2022, and pattern B has a lively design that makes you feel as if you can hear the cute voices of the Morkers.



is an oblate sheet with characters printed with edible ink on a thin oblate of approximately 0.03 to 0.05 mm in thickness. Simply cut the oblate with cooking scissors and stick it on the food to create a realistic character rice dish.

(c) Asaki Misato / PUI PUI Molker DS Production Committee