Aohata "Verde Melon Bread-Style Toast Spread

Aohata will release "Verde Melon Bread-Style Toast Spread," a toast menu item that can be easily enjoyed by simply spreading it on bread and baking it. The product weighs 100 grams and is priced at 363 yen (tax included). The product has a shelf life of 13 months.

Verde Melon Pan-Style Toast Spread

Melon Pan-Style Toast Spread is a product that makes it easy to make toast that resembles melon bread from a bakery by simply spreading it on bread and baking it. You can enjoy the crispy texture of melon bread like cookie dough. In addition, the use of fermented butter allows you to enjoy a rich aroma after baking. The flat-topped squeezer allows you to spread it on bread without using a spoon.

Verde Melon Bread-Style Toast Spread" is a convenient product to keep in stock at home. It is a recommended product for those who want to enjoy the taste of bakery melon bread easily at home. It is sure to make your usual toast taste a little more special. Why not pick one up when you see it?