Renewal "Gohon-no Otomo Tabi Miso Katsu-kaze


SHOTEN Gohan no Otomo Tabi Renewed

"Gohan no Otomo Tabi Miso Katsu" and "Gohan no Otomo Tabi Tokachi Pork Bowl Style" are now available at the official online store of KUZE FUKU SHOTEN. The products will also be available at all Kuze Fuku Shoten stores nationwide (with some exceptions).

Among the many Kusefuku Shoten products, the Gohan no Omo Tomo Tabi series, which is an immensely popular accompaniment to rice, has been renewed in the image of local meat dishes. The series used to be made with soybean meat, but the change to domestic pork has made it more filling and satisfying! We will introduce two products that will be the focus of attention this spring.

Gohon no Otomo

Tabi Miso Katsuko-style

uses red miso from a miso brewery in Okazaki, Aichi Prefecture. It has a rich, full-bodied flavor with just the right amount of sweetness, making it a perfect match with rice. The savory aroma of roasted sesame stirs up your appetite even more, and you can also enjoy the texture of crispy cabbage. It can be used not only as a garnish for onigiri (rice ball), but also as a meat miso to serve with various dishes such as udon noodles, tofu, and furofuki daikon radish. The price is 646 yen (tax included, same as below).

Gohan no Otomo Tabi Miso Katsu Style

Gohon-no Otomo Tabi Tokachi Pork Bowl Style

The first thing that strikes you when you open the lid is the size of the minced meat. It is a large piece of pork, and it is very satisfying. The savory flavor of roasting the meat over an open flame is also reproduced. The sweet and spicy flavor of the millet sugar and burnt soy sauce makes it hard to stop eating rice. The price is 646 yen.

Gomi-no-Otomo-Tabi Tokachi Pork Bowl Style