McDonald's Happy Set "Rubik's Cube" and "Paddington

McDonald's Happy Set 2022 Summary

Here is a summary of the Happy Set toys released by McDonald's in 2022, as well as information on the only Happy Set (picture books and illustrated books). We will update this page as new items are released.
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Happy Set "Rubik's Cube


Happy Set "Rubik's Cube" is a puzzle toy in which you have to match cubes of different colors and shapes. It helps develop recognition of shapes and space, logical thinking of rules, and imagination to move three-dimensional objects around in the mind.

Three-dimensional puzzles that nurture logical thinking

A wide variety of six different types. The lineup includes the classic cube-shaped Rubik's Cube and the Rubik's Cube, which requires assembling differently shaped parts to complete.

McDonald's Happy Set "Rubik's Cube".

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Happy Set "Paddington


Happy Set "Paddington" is a very popular character representing Britain. He is a polite, honest and curious stuffed bear. On sale on November 25.



Toys Six Paddington plush toys in various occupational uniforms, including a chef wearing a cook's hat, a pencil case, a pencil case, a pencil case and a pencil case. A chef in a cook's hat, an astronaut in a space suit, a ballerina in a pink tutu, and more.

McDonald's Happy Set "Paddington".

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Happy Set "Shimajiro" Happy Set "Shimajiro " is a set of plush toys that are designed to challenge children in familiar life scenes such as shopping, washing, cleaning up and bathing. The theme of the Happy Set "Shimajiro" is to challenge children to do things they want to do in their daily lives, such as shopping, washing clothes, cleaning up, and bathing, with the popular character "Shimajiro" from Kodomo Challenge. The theme of this year's toys is play that teaches lifestyle habits and fosters logic and quantity concepts.

The first series of Shimajiro

toys for learning lifestyle habits

includes "Shimajirou and Kuru Kuru Ossantaku" for a series of laundry experience, "What time is it? The first series includes three toys: "Shimajirou and Kuru Kuru O Setaku," a series of laundry experiences; "Shimajirou and the Clock," a game in which children can move needles; and "Shimajirou and the Cleaning Game," in which children sort balls and car pieces into the correct places. The second game is "What do you want to buy? The second series includes three types of games: "What to buy with Shimajiro and Shopping," in which children can enjoy shopping by choosing ingredients for dishes; "Playing in the bath with Shimajiro and his boat," in which children can play with blocks; and "Shimajiro's Eawase Game," in which children can find pairs of pictures that make up one picture.

Happy Set "Shimajiro

(C)Benesse Corporation 1988-2022 / Shimajiro

Happy Set "McDonald's Party Game" Happy Set "McDonald's Party Game" is a toy that allows children to enjoy popular party games such as "Karuta" and "UNO" with McDonald's original rules and design. The toys are designed with McDonald's original rules and designs. It will go on sale on November 4.

The first series includes three types of

paper games

: "Blox McDonald's Version," "Nanjamonja McDonald's Version," and "McDonald's Karuta. The second series includes "UNO McDonald's Version," "McDonald's Reversi," and "Kotoba no Puzzle Mojipittan McDonald's Version. A wide variety of paper games will bring excitement with family and friends.

Happy Set "McDonald's Party Game

(C)2022 McDONALD'S Kotoba no Puzzle MojipittanTM& (C)Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. (C)2022 Mattel.
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Blokus(R) is based on the original concept by Bernard Tavitian. (C)Simple Rules/SUGOROKUYA

Suzume to


" is an official spin-off of Makoto Shinkai's latest movie "Suzume no Toukimari" (Suzume and I se). You can enjoy the heartwarming original story of Suzume, who loves her mother, and the mysterious "chair. Text by Makoto Shinkai, illustrations by Uminomishibon. Comes with stickers that you can put anywhere you like.

McDonald's Happy Set Picture Book "The Sparrow and the Chair

(C)2022 "Suzume no Dotokimari" Production Committee

Mini-illustrated book "Rocks, Minerals &


& Min

erals Special with Quiz" is an illustrated book to learn about the mystery and wonder of beautiful gems and minerals, such as tire diamonds and rubies, that many people have longed for. The book will be on sale on November 4.

McDonald's Happy Set Mini-Illustrated Book "Rocks, Minerals & Fossils / Gems & Minerals Special with Quiz"


Happy Set "


" Happy Set "Plarail " is a set of popular Shinkansen and limited express trains and McDonald's original scenic parts.

The first "Plarail"


"Everybody's Town Set" includes four types, such as "Type 923 Doctor Yellow & Sharyo Plant" and "West Kyushu Shinkansen N700S Kamome & Milk Plant. The second "McDonald's Town Set" includes a total of four types and one secret toy, such as "Series E6 Shinkansen Komachi & McDonald's Bridge" to run and play with the McDonald's motif city.

McDonald's Happy Set "Plarail

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Happy Set "Rika-chan" Happy Set "Rika-chan" is a toy to enjoy playing with. The "Rika-chan" Happy Set is a toy that allows children to enjoy playing with Rika-chan.

In addition to three Rika-chan


that can be changed into two types of work costumes, including "idol" and "school uniform," the first volume features a new boyfriend, Haruto-kun, who can be changed into "patissier" and "soccer player" outfits. The second set includes four types of Rika-chan as a princess, whose hair color changes when exposed to sunlight, and one secret toy.

McDonald's Happy Set "Rika-chan






Happy Set "NARIKIRI! Pro Kit " is a toy based on the motif of a popular occupation among children. Pro Kit" is a set of six types of toys that imitate items used in the workplace and cards that allow children to learn lines used in their actual jobs.

Toys that let children enjoy the feeling of work

The lineup includes popular occupations such as "police officer," which comes with a radio and badge, and "doctor," which comes with a forehead band mirror to wear on the head and a syringe. This year, visitors can experience a wide range of jobs, including "scientist," which comes with goggles and a triangular flask for experiments, and "hair stylist," which comes with a comb and hair dryer.

McDonald's Happy Set "NARIKIRI! Pro Kit"

(C)2022 McDONALD'S

Happy Set "Hello


" Happy Set "Hello Kitty" is a toy that allows children to enjoy dressing up and playing cheer with Hello Kitty, who wears a sparkling ribbon like an idol.

The first series of

Hello Kitty toys

includes three types of Hello Kitty toys, including a hair band and a fashionable bag, which allow users to enjoy dressing up as Hello Kitty. The second series includes three types, such as "Hikaru Stick" and "Oen Uchiwa," which are perfect for playing cheerleading.

McDonald's Happy Set "Hello Kitty

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Happy Set "SAGASHIKO EHON Penguin no


Happy Set "SAGASHIKO EHON Penguin no Tokotoko" picture book will be newly released on September 2.

McDonald's Happy Set "Sasashikko ehon: Penguin tokotoko

(C)Chiharu Sakazaki

Happy Set "Deep Sea Life /

Deep Sea Fish Special with Qu

iz" Happy Set "Deep Sea Life / Deep Sea Fish Special with Quiz" mini illustrated book will also be released on September 2.

McDonald's Just Happy Set "Deep Sea Life/Deep Sea Fish Feature with Quiz"


Happy Set "Doraemon Wakuwaku Jiyu Kenkyu


Happy Set "Doraemon Wakuwaku Jiyu Kenkyu " is a set of 8 items that allow children to discover new discoveries and discover the wonders around them through play and experiments with Doraemon's secret tools, Big Light and Small Light. The product lineup will go on sale on August 5.

The first series of

Doraemon toys that can be played with and experimented with

includes four types, such as "Big Light," which makes things around you look bigger when you look through its lens, and "Water Flute," which changes the pitch of its whistle according to the amount of water it contains. The second series includes four toys such as "Metal Tanchiki," in which Doraemon reacts to magnets and other metal objects, and "Kagami no Jikken," in which Doraemon can be observed from various angles using a mirror.

McDonald's Happy Set "Doraemon Wakuwaku Jiyu Kenkyu

(C)Fujiko-Pro, Shogakukan, TV-Asahi, Shin-ei, and ADK

Happy Set "


Fever" Happy Set "Minions Fever " commemorates the July 15 release of the latest movie "Minions Fever" in collaboration with Happy The set will go on sale on July 8.

Minion toys

with moving


. 10 toys in all, featuring moving gadgets that make the boy Gru, Minions "Bob," "Kevin," and "Stuart," and new Minion "Otto" pop out and run, based on scenes from the movie.

McDonald's Happy Set "Minions Fever

(C) Universal City Studios LLC. All Rights Reserved.


Happy Set "Sakana-kun and the School of the Sea" The Minotto Happy Set "Sakana-kun and the School of the Sea" commemorates the September 1 release of the movie "Sakana no Ko. The book was released on July 8.

This is a heartwarming story based on


's real-life experiences, which conveys the importance of friends through the main characters Sakana-kun and Gyon-chan. It comes with an original illustration sticker drawn by Non-san, who stars in the movie "Sakana no Ko", and Sakana-kun.

McDonald's Happy Set "Sakana-kun and the School of the Sea

Happy Set "Sakana-kun and the School of the Sea" Rights Notice

Minute Happy Set "Rocks, Minerals, Fossils/Fossils Special with


is a mini illustrated book edited and composed for Happy Set based on "Shogakukan's Illustrated Book NEO".

This illustrated book of ancient


provides detailed explanations of the ecology of Tyrannosaurus, Mammoth, and other creatures that lived a long time ago. It also includes a fun quiz at the end of the book, and comes with fossil stickers that can be pasted inside the illustrated book.

McDonald's Just Happy Set "Rocks, Minerals & Fossils/Fossils Feature with Quiz"


Happy Set "Pokemon Outdoors


Happy Set "Pokemon Out doors" is a set of eight toys that make playing at home, playing outside and going out fun.

The set includes "binoculars" that make distant objects appear closer when you look through them, a "collecting kit" for gathering leaves and stones, and a "exploration tool" in the shape of a monster ball that combines a whistle and a magnifying glass, making you feel as if you are on an adventure with


, Poccama, and Eevee. You can enjoy the feeling as if you are on an adventure with Pikachu, Pochama, and Eevee. In addition, "Meal Kit," which comes with a fork and spoon, and "Mug Cup," which is convenient for carrying around, are perfect for picnics and everyday use.

McDonald's Happy Set "Pokemon Outdoor

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Happy Set "Jurassic World: Survival Camp" Happy Set "Jurassic World: Survival Camp" is an animated feature film based on the Netflix exclusive "Jurassic World: Survival Camp". The Happy Set "Jurassic World: Survival Camp" is a paper craft toy of dinosaurs and pterosaurs that appear in the Netflix exclusive animated series "Jurassic World: Survival Camp". It will be released on May 20.


Toys to Expand Your Imagination

The first series features a total of three types of dinosaurs and pterosaurs, including the powerful "Tyrannosaurus Rex," which seems ready to move when assembled from parts, and the second series features a total of three types of dinosaurs, including the herbivorous dinosaur "Triceratops" with its three horns. When displayed with the paper case designed with a natural background, the dinosaurs will expand your imagination and remind you of the world in which dinosaurs lived.

McDonald's Happy Set "Jurassic World: Survival Camp"

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Happy Set "Rilakkuma" Happy Set "Rilakkuma" features popular Rilakkuma characters in colorful and cute stationery. On sale on May 20.

The first set includes three types of Rilakkuma

toys that can be crafted

, including "Rilakkuma's Drawing Set," which includes a stencil, pencil, and memo pad for drawing Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma, and Kiiroitori by tracing with a pencil or other medium. The second set includes three types, such as "Chairokuma's Hole Puncher," which allows you to make a Rilakkuma-shaped hole in the paper that comes with the set.

McDonald's Happy Set "Rilakkuma

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Happy Set


Tomica" Happy Set "Tomica" is a toy that can be played with by combining a variety of cars, such as fire engines and sports cars, with parts to build cities, such as McDonald's restaurants, and various shapes of roads. released on April 15.

The first "


's Town" set includes four types of working cars and city parts, such as "Emergency Hospital & Nissan NV400 EV Ambulance," while the second "Tomica's Road" set includes "Circuit (Straight) & Nissan Fair Lady Z," etc. The lineup includes a total of four sets of car and road parts, as well as one secret toy.

McDonald's Happy Set "Tomica

(C) TOMY "Tomica" is a registered trademark of TOMY Company, Ltd.

Happy Set "


Characters" Happy Set "Sanrio Char acters" will be released on April 15.

The first set includes four types of

cute Sanrio character toys

, including "Hello Kitty Kisekae Stamp," which allows users to freely apply dress-up stickers to their clothes. The second lineup includes four types of toys such as "Kuromi ABC Cards" to play with the alphabet, and one secret toy.

McDonald's Happy Set "Sanrio Characters

(C) 2022 SANRIO CO., LTD. APPROVAL NO. L628531

Happy Set "Doraemon Wakuwaku


Happy Set "Doraemon Wakuwaku Game " includes a game where you use secret tools together with popular characters such as Doraemon and Nobita, all developed for Happy It will go on sale on March 18.

The first set includes three

toys with Doraemon motifs

, such as the "Face Matching Card Game," a picture matching game played with cards featuring large pictures of Doraemon's various expressions, and "Airplane Race Sugoroku," in which the plane Doraemon is on is used as a roulette wheel. The second series includes three types of games: "Secret Tool Sugoroku," in which players advance their frames as many times as they can in the roulette wheel and aim for the goal while following the instructions of secret tool cards; "Dokodemo Door Picture Matching Card Game," in which players make pairs by matching cards drawn from their neighbors with their own to form a single picture of two cards; and "Dokodemo Door Picture Matching Card Game. The game is now available.

McDonald's Happy Set "Doraemon Wakuwaku Game

(C)Fujiko-Pro, Shogakukan, TV-Asahi, Shin-ei, and ADK

Happy Set "Pokemon Mezasta" Happy Set "Pokemon Mezasta " is an amusement machine that lets you battle and catch Pokemon using tags. Pokemon Mezasta" is a collaboration between Pokemon Mezasta and Happy Sets. Pikachu, Pochama, Hikuozaru, Arceus, the mythical Pokémon of the Shin-Ou region, and the legendary Pokémon Dialga and Palkia will be available for purchase on March 4, 2012.

Pokémon Mezasta Special Tag

Teams Two Pokémon tagging together for the first time in a Pokémon Mezasta tag, allowing you to experience battles that create powerful combinations of two Pokémon. You will also receive a "Shiritori Sheet," which allows you to connect Pokémon names and play with them.

McDonald's Happy Set "Pokemon Mezaster

(C)2022 Pokemon.(C)1995-2022 Nintendo/Creatures Inc./GAME FREAK inc.
Developed by T-ARTS and MARV

Happy Set "TABEKO DOBUTSU" Happy Set "T ABEKO DOBUTSU" is the popular GINBIS Happy Set "TABEKKO DOBUTSU" is the first coloring and sticker collaboration between GINBIS' popular "TABEKKO DOBUTSU" product and Happy Set. Familiar characters such as Raion, Rabbit, Elephant, Hippo, and Giraffe will appear.

Coloring and stickers of the

animals in the "TABEKKO-DOBUTSU"

lineup. Included are pages for coloring and tracing letters, as well as stickers with character and cookie patterns. One of the coloring pages depicts the characters getting along and playing at a McDonald's restaurant. The stickers of the character and biscuit patterns, which can be pasted and played with over and over again, have the names of the animals written in Japanese and English on the adhesive side and the backing paper when turned over, so that the names can be recognized in either language.

McDonald's Happy Set "TABEKO DOBUTSU


Happy Set "Shinkansen Transformable Robot

Shinkarion Z"

Happy Set "Shinkansen Transformable Robot Shinkarion Z" is a toy that can be transformed from a bullet train car into a robot "Shinkarion Z". It will be on sale on February 4.

The first batch of

transformable Shinkarion Z toys

includes three toys that can transform from the "Shinkansen Series E5 Hayabusa" train into "Shinkarion Z E5 Yamanote. The second series includes three toys that can transform into "Shinkarion Z 500 MUSKY TYPE EVA" from the "Shinkansen 500 TYPE EVA" train.

McDonald's Happy Set "Shinkansen Transformable Robot Shinkarion Z

(C) Project Shinkarion/JR-HECWK/Super Evolution Laboratory Z・TX (C) Color

Happy Set "Moomin


Happy Set "M oomin" is a kitchen toy with the theme of imagination and lifestyle, filled with the world of the Moomins. The Moomin kitchen items can be used not only for meals, but also for helping out and playing "pretend games" to nurture a rich lifestyle of enjoying cooking and eating.

The first series includes three types of Moomin

toys for enjoying meals

, including "Snufkin Mold Scissors," tongs with Moomintroll and Little Mii molds on the inside that can be used to press cookie dough or clay between them. The second lineup includes three types of cutlery, including "Gnoronjoro's Cutlery," a set of a spoon and fork.

McDonald's Happy Set "Moomin

(C)Moomin Characters TM

Happy Set "Osaru no George" Happy Set "Osaru no George" is a toy themed on how things work, creativity, and recognizing colors and shapes. The lineup of six fun and colorful toys goes on sale on January 7.

The first set includes "


's Seesaw Play," in which George and his uncle in the yellow hat ride on a moving seesaw, and "George's Swing Play," in which the swing on which George rides swings back and forth. The second series includes "George's Ferris Wheel," in which George and his friends ride on a Ferris wheel that spins, and "George's Rocket Ride," in which George's rocket rides and swings from side to side. When several toys are connected together, it looks like an amusement park, and you can enjoy the dynamic interlocking of the gears.

McDonald's Happy Set "Osaru no George

(C) & (R) Universal Studios and/or HMH

Happy Set "Sumikko Gurashi" Happy Set "Sumikko Gurashi " is a toy themed on color and shape recognition, imagination and communication. The puzzle is illustrated with Sumikko and Minikko on the front and a story about each Sumikko and her friends on the back.

Sumikko Gurashi Puzzle

The lineup includes six types of puzzles. The inside of the case is illustrated with a story about Sumikko and her friends, and the back of the case can be used to write a message.

McDonald's Happy Set "Sumikko Gurashi

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