McDonald's Happy Set "Pow Patrol" "HIROGARU SKY! Pretty Cure!

McDonald's Happy Sets "Pow Patrol" and "SPLIT SKY!



McDonald's will start selling Happy Sets "Pow Patrol" and "Spreading Sky! Precure" will be available at McDonald's for a limited time starting Friday, March 3 (except at some stores).

Happy Set "Pow Patrol"

The popular cartoon "Pow Patrol," loved by children all over the world, makes its first appearance in Happy Set. The five stickers can be placed on the wall of your bathroom.

McDonald's Happy Set "Pow Patrol

The stickers feature the main characters "Kent," "Chase," "Marshall," and other unique rescue dogs. Through play, children can learn social skills, quantity and logic.


This is a coloring book featuring the characters from the newest


Cure series, which will air on February 5, 2012.

McDonald's Happy Set "HIROGUSAI SKY! Precure".

In addition to coloring pages featuring the "Cure Sky" and other characters, there are also pages for writing letters and connecting illustrations and words. The book helps children develop an awareness of shapes and space, and nurtures their powers of expression and imagination.

In addition to the "Pow Patrol" or "Spreading Sky! In addition to the "Pretty Cure" items, one toy that has appeared in Happy Sets in the past will also be offered.

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