McDonald's Happy Set

McDonald's will sell Happy Sets "Plarail," which lets you play with original scenery parts and popular vehicles by running them, and "Licca-chan," a Happy Set that lets you play with dress-up and hair arrangement, for a limited time starting September 30.

Happy Set "Plarail

Plarail", a set of popular Shinkansen and limited express trains and McDonald's original scenic parts, will appear in Happy Sets again this year. The first "Minna no Machi Set" includes four types, including "Type 923 Doctor Yellow & Sharyo Plant" and "West Kyushu Shinkansen N700S Kamome & Milk Plant," which will newly start operation on September 23.

McDonald's Happy Set

The second "McDonald's Town Set" will include a total of four types and one secret toy to play with, such as "Series E6 Shinkansen Komachi & McDonald's Bridge" and other McDonald's motif towns to run and play.

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Happy Set "Rika-chan

The Happy Set "Rika-chan" is a toy that allows children to enjoy playing with Rika-chan by dressing her up in the costume of her dream job and arranging her hair in the color of a princess when she is exposed to sunlight. In addition to the three Rica-chan models that can be changed into costumes for two different jobs, such as "idol" and "school uniform," a new boyfriend named Haruto-kun, who can be changed into "pastry chef" and "soccer player," will be introduced in the first volume. Rika-chan can also be changed into clothes for other jobs.

McDonald's Happy Set

The second set includes four Rika-chan in a princess outfit and one secret toy, which can change its hair color when exposed to sunlight and can be arranged in any way you like.

McDonald's Happy Set "Plarail

On October 1 and 2, a "Plarail Special DVD 2022" will be given away with the purchase of one Happy Set "Plarail" and a "Rika-chan Special DVD" with the purchase of one Happy Set "Rika-chan". On October 15 and 16, each set of Happy Set "Plarail" and each set of Happy Set "Rika-chan" will include a "Plarail Rail Sheet" and a "Rika-chan Otakimimi Fan Book", respectively.