McDonald's Happy Set "Tom & Jerry" and "Little Twin Stars

McDonald's Happy Set "Tom & Jerry" and "Little Twin Stars

" Happy Sets "Tom & Jerry" and "Little Twin Stars" will be available at McDonald's for a limited time starting February 10 (except at some stores).

Happy Set "Tom &


The collaboration commemorates Tom and Jerry's birthday on February 10. The set includes six different toys with various mechanisms, such as rolling Jerry in a ball to knock down pins, or pushing Tom's tail or hand to make Jerry and other toys roll and spin.

McDonald's Happy Set "Tom & Jerry

The toys will help children deepen their recognition of shapes and space and their understanding of logic, and nurture their imagination to think of stories. Tom and Jerry's various movements will increase interest in three-dimensional shapes while playing and develop into logical thinking play. Players can also enjoy creating their own stories by connecting the toys and imagining the world in which Tom and Jerry unfold.

Happy Set "Little Twin Stars"

Stationery toys based on pastel colors and filled with the cute world of Kiki & Lala. Six different types of toys, including a glove compartment, letter box, and bag, can be assembled, and each comes with Kiki & Lala cards and stickers.

McDonald's Happy Set "Little Twin Stars

Children can enjoy playing with these toys to enhance their recognition of shapes and space and their ability to express themselves, as well as nurture their social and emotional skills. You can enjoy a rich variety of play with Kiki & Lala, such as writing letters and communicating with friends (social and emotional).

By reading the QR code on the toy's instruction booklet with a smartphone, you can play the original mini-game "Let's build a macaron tower! You can also play the original mini-game "Let's build a macaron tower!

The first "Tom & Jerry" and "Little Twin Stars" toys will be available from February 10 to 16, the second from February 17 to 23, and the third from February 24. The third bullet will receive one of the six toys from the first and second bullets.

On February 11 (Sat.) and 12 (Sun.), for each set of Happy Set "Tom & Jerry" you purchase, you will receive a "It looks like he's there! Sanrio Characters stickers in collaboration with the popular smartphone game "Miracle Match" will be given away with each purchase of a Happy Set "Little Twin Stars".

McDonald's Happy Set "Tom & Jerry" and "Little Twin Stars" Weekend Giveaway

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