McDonald's Happy Set "Doraemon

McDonald's Happy

Set "Doraemon" Happy Set "Doraemon" will be available at McDonald's for a limited time starting Friday, March 17. The first series will be available from Friday, March 17 to Thursday, March 23, the second series from Friday, March 24 to Thursday, March 30, and the third series from Friday, March 31.

Happy Set "Doraemon"

The popular character "Doraemon" appears in Happy Set every year. This year's lineup includes a total of six toys, including a toy based on the world of "Doraemon the Movie: Nobita and the Sky Utopia" and a toy of Doraemon in his costume from the movie.

McDonald's Happy Set "Doraemon

The toys come with mechanisms that allow children to enjoy various movements, deepen their recognition of shapes and space and their interest in natural science as they play, and foster logic. You can press the tail of the Doraemon figure to make the bamboo-copter-shaped parts and cloud-shaped spinner fly, pop the lever to enjoy a pinball game, or use the power of the magnet to make Doraemon on the plane float.

McDonald's Happy Set "Doraemon

When the QR code on the toy bag is read with a smartphone, the Dokodemo Door appears in AR. A Twitter campaign will also be conducted in conjunction with photos taken with the Dokodemo Door AR. QR Code is a registered trademark of DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED.

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