SWEETS SHOP A pop-up store "MINIONS HAPPY SWEETS SHOP" will appear as a collaboration between Cake.jp and the popular "Minion" character. The pop-up shop will be located at Namba Marui in Osaka from March 17 to 30, 2023, and at Shinjuku Marui in Tokyo from March 20 to April 9, 2023, and will sell 55 kinds of "Minion" sweets and original goods.

Both stores are named after "Minion Day," and the sweets and goods are also available for pre-order at the official online store of Cake.jp.


Original Cake


"Original Cake Tins" will be available in 32 types for Minion Day. Each one features a cute package design, including the Minions' favorite "banana" flavor, tiramisu, hojicha matcha, cinnamon milk tea, and more. The list of flavors is as follows

Minion Happy Sweets Shop "Original Cake Tin
Original Cake Tin Cherry Blossom Milk

Sakura Milk
・ Mixed Juice
・ Banana Tiramisu
・ Banana Spirit
・ Banana Custard
・ Chocolate Banana
・ Banana Mousse
・ Shortcake Blue Yellow
・ Shortcake Yellow
・ Rainbow
・ Orange Chocolate
・ Griotte Pistache
・ Chocolate
・ Black Sesame Pudding
・ Tiramisu Chocolate
Peach Shortcake
・ Strawberry Yogurt
・ Cinnamon Milk Tea
・ Mont Blanc
・ Tarte Tatin
・ Blueberry Cheesecake
・ Cassis Vanilla
・ Muscat Yogurt
・ Houjicha Green Tea
・ Kiwi Yogurt
・ Caramel Chocolate
・ Coconut Pineapple
・ Mango Shortcake
・ Mint Chocolate
・ Cream Soda
・ Jack Rose
・ Berry Berry

All are 250 ml in size and priced at 1,188 yen (tax included).

Minion Happy Sweets Shop "Original Cake Tin
32 original cake tins


with Original Pick "Cupcake with Original Pick" comes with an original pick and has a Minion-inspired finish. It is a colorful and cute looking item. The cupcakes are 65mm in diameter and 100mm high, and are priced at 864 yen.

Minion Happy Sweets Shop "Cupcake with Original Pick
Cupcake with original pick

Original Chocolate


"Original Chocolate Set" is a set of chocolates printed with Minions. Each set contains 4 pieces and is priced at 2,160 yen.

Minion Happy Sweets Shop "Original Chocolate Set
Original Chocolate Set

Character Doughnut


The "Character Doughnut Set" will feature an assortment of Minion doughnuts in several different flavors. The set comes in a pack of three and is priced at 2,160 yen.

Minion Happy Sweets Shop "Character Donut Set
Character Donut Set



The "Whole Cake" is printed with a key visual from the Minion Happy Sweets Shop. The cake is made with fresh fruit flavors and baked without emulsifiers, resulting in a fluffy sponge. The sponge sponge is baked without emulsification and is soft and fluffy. It is made with fresh Hokkaido cream and vegetable fat, and is a perfect match for the original cream. The size is No. 4 and the price is 3,780 yen.

Minion Happy Sweets Shop "Whole Cake
whole cake



"Character Tuncarrons" are, as the name implies, minions' tuncarrons, and they look adorable. 3 pieces in a set, priced at 2,592 yen.

Minion Happy Sweets Shop "Character Tuncalon
character tuncalone

Original Icing


"Original Icing Cookies" are cookies made of Minions, and are very hearty and satisfying. The size is 6 x 8 cm and the price is 486 yen.

Minion Happy Sweets Shop "Original Icing Cookies



with Candy "Original Drawstring with Candy" is a drawstring with 5 pieces each of lemon and soda flavored candies. After you finish eating the candy, you can use it as a small container for small items. There are two designs: the key visual of Minion Happy Sweets Shop or "BOB & TIM". Both are priced at 1,320 yen.

Minion Happy Sweets Shop "Original Drawstring with Candy
Original drawstring with candy

Original Banana


"Original Banana Mousse" is made with the Minions' favorite banana. It features the key visual package of the Minion Happy Sweets Shop. It measures 7 cm in diameter and 5 cm in height (excluding the height of the lid). Price: 540 yen.

Minion Happy Sweets Shop "Original Banana Mousse
Original Banana Mousse


"Financier" is a product that is shaped like TIM and looks so cute that it is hard to eat. The dough is made with lots of butter and baked, and the surrounding area is coated with a mellow chocolate aroma. It measures approximately 7.5 cm (7.5 cm) by 4.5 cm (4.5 cm) and is priced at 810 yen.

Minion Happy Sweets Shop "Financier
financier (type of pastry)


Banana Banana "Banana Banana" is available only in stores and not in the official online store. 3 flavors are available: "Plain" for 864 yen, "Strawberry with condensed milk" and "W Chocolate" for 972 yen.

Minion Happy Sweets Shop "Banana Banana
banana banana

Original acrylic


The "original acrylic coaster" is designed using the cake tin package, with 32 different designs, each with a different pattern. The coaster can be used at home or in the office, or to place cake tins on. The price is 880 yen.

Minion Happy Sweets Shop "Original Acrylic Coaster
Original acrylic coaster



"Original badges" can also be purchased at random from 32 different designs using the cake tin packages. You can place it on the cake tin or put it on your favorite bag. The price is 550 yen.

Minion Happy Sweets Shop "Original Can Badge
Original can badge

Original Acrylic


"Original Acrylic Picks" feature popular characters as acrylic picks. The thick picks are useful for playing with clay and for gardening such as potted plants. 3 different designs are shown. All of them come in a set of four, priced at 1,320 yen.

Minion Happy Sweets Shop "Original Acrylic Pick
Original acrylic pick


with Original Charm "Spoon with Original Charm" is a long spoon perfect for eating cake tins. It comes with original charms of the Minions. The designs are "BOB," "STUART," "BOB & TIM banana," "BOB & TIM love," "BOB & TIM bear," "BOB & TIM dream" and "FLUFFY. All are priced at 990 yen.

Minion Happy Sweets Shop "Spoon with Original Charm
Spoon with original charm

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