McDonald's Happy Set "Shimajiro" and "McDonald's Party Game".


's Happy Set "Shimajiro" and "McDonald's Party Game" Happy Sets "Shimajiro" and "McDonald's Party Game" will be available at McDonald's for a limited time from November 4. In addition, a picture book "Sparrow and Chair" and a mini illustrated book "Rocks, Minerals & Fossils/Gems & Minerals Special with Quiz" will also be available.

Happy Set "Shimajiro


Happy Set "Shimajiro" is a toy that allows children to enjoy challenging themselves with the popular "Kodomo Challenge" character "Shimajiro" in everyday life situations such as shopping, washing clothes, cleaning up, and bathing. The theme of this year's toys is play that teaches lifestyle habits and fosters logic and quantity concepts.

The first series of Shimajiro

toys for learning lifestyle habits

includes "Shimajiro and Kuru Kuru O-sentaku" for a series of laundry experience, "What time is it? The first series includes three toys: "Shimajiro and Kuru Kuru Osewaku," a series of laundry experiences; "Shimajiro and the Clock," a game in which you move a needle; and "Shimajiro and the Cleaning Game," in which you sort the ball and car pieces into the correct places. The second game is "What to buy? The second set includes three types of games: "Shimajiro and the Shopping Game," in which children can select ingredients for a dish and play shopping; "Shimajiro and the Boat," in which children can play with blocks; and "Shimajiro's Eawase Game," in which children can find pairs of pictures that make up a single picture.

McDonald's Happy Set "Shimajiro" and "McDonald's Party Game".

Happy Set "McDonald's Party Game


Happy Set "McDonald's Party Game" is a toy that allows children to enjoy popular party games such as "Karuta" and "UNO" with McDonald's original rules and designs. It enhances logic, recognition of shapes and space, and deepens understanding of quantity in a fun way through play.

The first series includes three

paper games

: "Blox McDonald's Version," "Nanjamonja McDonald's Version," and "McDonald's Karuta. The second series includes "UNO McDonald's Version," "McDonald's Reversi," and "Kotoba no Puzzle Mojipittan McDonald's Version. A wide variety of paper games will be available for family and friends to enjoy together.

McDonald's Happy Set "McDonald's Party Game

The first series will be available from November 4 to 10, the second from November 11 to 17, and the third from November 18. For the third round, you can get one of six different toys from each of the first and second rounds.

On November 5 and 6, each purchase of one Happy Set "Shimajiro" will get a "Let's try it with Shimajiro! DVD", and each purchase of one Happy Set "McDonald's Party Game" will get a "McDonald's Party Sugoroku".

McDonald's Happy Set "McDonald's Party Game" weekend policy

Picture book "Suzume to Isu"

"Suzume to Isu" is an official spin-off picture book of Makoto Shinkai's latest movie "Suzume no Toushimari". You can enjoy the heartwarming and original story of Suzume, who loves her mother, and the mysterious "chair. Text by Makoto Shinkai, illustrations by Uminomishibon. Includes stickers that you can put anywhere you like.

McDonald's Happy Set Picture Book "The Sparrow and the Chair

Rocks, Minerals &

Fossils/Gems & Minerals

Special with Quiz" is an illustrated


book that lets you learn about the mysteries and wonders of beautiful gems and minerals such as tire diamonds and rubies, which many people have longed for. The illustrated book can be completed by putting stickers on the pages.

McDonald's Happy Set Mini-Illustrated Book "Rocks, Minerals & Fossils / Gems & Minerals Special with Quiz"

Picture books and miniature books will be replaced by the next series in about two months.
The number of picture books and miniature illustrated books is limited for each series, and will end when they are gone.

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