McDonald's Happy Set "Curious George" "Sumikko Gurashi"

Happy sets "Curious George" and "Sumikko Gurashi" will be released on January 7th at McDonald's (excluding some stores).

Happy set "Curious George"

The theme of toys is the mechanism of things, creativity, and recognition of colors and shapes. By moving your hands, turning the gears, and observing and playing with the various movements, you will deepen your interest in the mechanism and function of things. By connecting multiple toys, it becomes like an amusement park, and you can enjoy the dynamic interlocking of gears.

McDonald's Happy Set "Curious George"

A lineup of 6 types that are fun and colorful. In the first installment, "George's seesaw play" where the seesaw with George and the uncle in the yellow hat moves, and "George's swing play" where the swing on which George rides sways back and forth. , "George's swing" where the Ferris wheel on which George's friends rides turns, and "George's rocket ride" where the rocket on which George rides swings from side to side.

McDonald's Happy Set "Curious George"

Happy set "Sumikko Gurashi"

The theme of toys is color and shape recognition, imagination, and communication. The front side of the puzzle is the figure of Sumiko and Minikko, and the back side is an illustration of the story about each of the Sumikos, and one piece of the puzzle is a special shape related to each story such as hearts and mushrooms. .. By playing with pieces combined one by one, you can recognize the shape and develop the ability to move your fingers dexterously. A lineup of 6 types of puzzles.

McDonald's Happy Set "Sumikko Gurashi"

A story about Sumiko and others is drawn on the inside of the attached case that can store puzzles, and a message can be written on the back of the case. In commemoration of the 10th anniversary of Sumikko Gurashi, "Sumigami-sama" and a new character "Disciple" will also appear in the case, and you can also play the original mini game by reading the QR code on the back of the case with your smartphone.

McDonald's Happy Set "Sumikko Gurashi"

The first happy set "Curious George" and "Sumikko Gurashi" are from January 7th to January 13th, and the second one is from January 14th to January 20th. From January 21st, you can get one of the 6 types that appeared in the 1st and 2nd bullets.

For 3 days on January 8th, 9th, and 10th, purchase 1 set of Happy Meal "Curious George", "Curious George Haguruma Sticker", and 1 set of Happy Meal "Sumikkogurashi". We will give you a "Sumikkogurashi Farm Seal Book" as a gift.

McDonald's Happy Set "Curious George" "Sumikko Gurashi" Sticker

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