Iwashita Foods "Mellow thick ramen noodles with fresh ginger".

The "Mellow Thick Ramen with Fresh Iwashita Ginger" will be available at the Iwashita Fresh Ginger Museum in Tochigi City, Tochigi Prefecture, and at the official online store from October 7, and will be on sale to the general public from October 17.

Mellow Thick Ramen with Fresh Iwashita Ginger

Iwashita Foods "Mellow thick ramen noodles with fresh ginger".

A collaboration with Okinaya, a noodle manufacturer in Gifu Prefecture. This is the second product following the "refreshing colander ramen" that appeared in the summer season.

The soup is characterized by a thick, rich soy sauce flavor with a hint of ginger, and the accompanying pink "fresh ginger vinegar" also contains Iwashita's fresh ginger powder. The soup changes to a mellow flavor when the fresh ginger vinegar is added later, allowing the customer to continue eating until the end. Also, by adding "oriki shin ginger" to the hot ramen, you can enjoy the warming sensation of the ginger even more.

You can also enjoy the combination of toppings available on the market. In addition to chashu pork, green onions, pickled bamboo shoots, nori, etc., it is also recommended to add a generous amount of sliced Iwashita fresh ginger itself. The refreshing taste and crisp texture of Iwashita's fresh ginger is said to go well with thick ramen noodles.

The package contains 110 g of noodles, 31 g of soup, and two 9 g bags of ginger vinegar. The product should be stored in a cool, dark place out of direct sunlight, high temperature, and high humidity.