Iwashita Fresh Ginger "Iwashita Fresh Ginger Sour Mixture".


Fresh Ginger Sour Moto Iwashita Foods and Japan Liquor Sales will release Iwashita Fresh Ginger Sour Moto, a liqueur made from the pink "pickling liquid" of Iwashita's signature product, Iwashita Fresh Ginger. The product will go on sale on March 15. It will be sold at the Iwashita Fresh Ginger Museum, the Iwashita Fresh Ginger Online Shop, and mass retailers.

Iwashita Fresh Ginger Sour Moto" is a liqueur made from the pink pickled liquid of Iwashita fresh ginger. The refreshing aroma and crisp acidity unique to Iwashita's fresh ginger are utilized to create a refreshing sour with a mildly sweet taste. It can be mixed with soda water to enjoy a refreshing sour, or with hot water during the cold season. The refreshing flavor goes well with any food and can be enjoyed in various situations throughout the year. The alcohol content is 20%.

The pink packaging and illustration of the official Iwashita fresh ginger character "Iwashika" make it easy to understand that this is a collaboration product of Iwashita's fresh ginger.