Recipe for "Bitter Goya Tartar Cheese Boat!" Easy snack with bittersweet bitter gourd and thick sauce!
Here is a recipe for "Bitter Gourd Tartar Cheese Boat. Crispy and mildly bitter melon is stuffed with boiled egg, tuna, and onion tartar sauce, topped with cheese, and baked.
Material ( For 2 persons )
bitter gourd one (object)
boiled egg one (object)
tuna (usu. refers to canned tuna) 50g (1.76oz)
onion (edible plant, Allium cepa) 1/4 of a piece
mayonnaise 2 tablespoons
catsup 2 teaspoons
consomme granules 1/4 teaspoon
salt and pepper small quantity
pizza cheese proper quantity
Easy recipe for Chikuwa with Okra

We introduce here a collection of okra recipes that the Engeboku editorial staff actually tried and enjoyed. The recipes are "Chikuwa with Okra", "Chinese Soup with Tomatoes and Okra", and "Tomatoes and Okra with Cheese and Okaka". Click on the recipe name to go to the detailed recipe page.

Chikuwa with Okra

This easy recipe for "Okra Sticky Rice Chikuwa" makes the most of the holes in the chikuwa. It is recommended as a side dish for lunch because the taste and texture remain the same even when cold.

Easy recipe for Chikuwa with Okra

When you bite into it, you can feel the plumpness of the chikuwa. When you bite into it, the stickiness and crunchy texture of okra take over. The savory saltiness of the soy sauce and the aroma of garlic spreads. White sesame seeds add a nice accent.

Chinese Soup with Tomatoes and Okra

Here is a simple recipe for " Chinese Soup with Tomatoes and Okra. The colorful green, red, and yellow appearance of this dish adds a splash of color to your dining table.

Simple recipe for "Chinese Soup with Tomatoes and Okra

The sticky okra gives the soup a slightly thickened texture. The combination of refreshing okra, sweet and sour cherry tomatoes, and mellow egg makes this dish not only visually appealing but also lively in taste.

Tomato and okra with cheese and bonito

Introducing a simple recipe for "Tomato and Okra with Cheese and Okaka" that can be made in the microwave. This recipe is also useful when you have already decided on the main dish but want one more dish.

Simple recipe for "Tomato and okra with cheese and bonito

The first bite of this dish is filled with the savory aroma of soy sauce and bonito flakes. When you bite into a small tomato, the sweet and sour taste bursts out, and the okra, which becomes sticky as you bite into it, brings the whole dish together. The cottage cheese, which has no peculiar flavor, matches the Japanese taste. It is a supporting role that gives the dish a refreshing richness.