Easy recipe for Chikuwa with Okra

Here is a collection of inexpensive and satisfying chikuwa recipes. There are five recipes: "Yamnyeom Eggplant Chikuwa," "Chikuwa with Okra," "Chiku Kyu Kimchi," "Chikuwa Toppogi," and "Daikon and Chikuwa Wasabi Mayo Salad.

Yamnyeom Eggplant Chikuwa

A simple recipe for "Yam Nyom Eggplant Chikuwa," a chikuwa version of the popular Korean dish "Yam Nyom Chicken. The rich flavor of this dish is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Easy recipe for "Yam Nyom Eggplant Chikuwa

The heated eggplant is soft and tender, and the chikuwa has a firm texture. The sweet and sour taste of tomatoes and the rich flavor and gentle spiciness of gochujang (red pepper paste) spread in every mouthful. The garlic and sesame accents give the dish a slightly spicy flavor.

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Chikuwa with okra

A simple recipe for "Chikuwa with Okra" that makes use of the holes in the chikuwa. It is recommended as a side dish for lunch as the taste and texture remain the same even after cooling down.

Easy recipe for Chikuwa with Okra

When you bite into it, you will feel the plump texture of the chikuwa. As you bite into it, the stickiness and crunchy texture of okra takes over. The savory saltiness of soy sauce and the aroma of garlic spreads. The white sesame seeds add a nice accent.

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Chiku-kyu with kimchi

This is a simple recipe for "Chiku Kyu Kimchi", just cut and dress the chikuwa. The spicy flavor makes it an appetizing side dish.

Simple recipe for "Chiku Kyu Kimchi Dressing

Fresh cucumbers, refreshing green onions, and tasty kimchi are well balanced. The spiciness that lingers on the tongue is a taste that lingers. You can use sweet or spicy kimchi, or whatever seasoning you prefer.

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Chikuwa tteokbokki

This recipe for "chikuwa tteokbokki" will make you fall in love with mochi (rice cakes). It is perfect not only as a side dish, but also as a snack.

Recipe for "chikuwa tteokbokki

Bite into a piece of chikuwa that has been dipped in a sweet and spicy sauce, and you will find a soft and chewy rice cake inside! If you like, you can add melted cheese as a topping.

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Daikon and Chikuwa Salad with Wasabi Mayo

This recipe for "Daikon and Chikuwa Wasabi Mayo Salad" uses chikuwa to add umami and volume. This salad is not too refreshing and is recommended as a snack.

Recipe for "Daikon and Chikuwa Salad with Wasabi and Mayo

The crunchy texture of the daikon radish is refreshing, and the mild mayonnaise flavor is a perfect match. The occasional dash of wasabi adds a nice accent.

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