Recipe "Namul (okra, zucchini and myoga)

We introduce here a collection of "Namul recipes" that the Engeki editorial staff actually tried to make and enjoyed. The recipes are "kiriboshi-daikon namul," "nori namul with tomato and tuna," and "namul with okra, zucchini and myoga. Click on each recipe name to jump to the detailed recipe article.

Kiriboshi Daikon Namul

Although "namul" is often made with bean sprouts, kiriboshi daikon is also delicious. Here is a simple recipe for " kiriboshi daikon namul " with a crunchy texture.

Simple recipe for "kiriboshi-daikon namul

The more you chew, the more flavorful it becomes, giving it a deeper taste than when made with bean sprouts. The aroma of sesame oil and white sesame seeds through the nose gives it a delicious taste that lingers in the mouth.

Tomato and Tuna Namul with Seaweed

This is a recipe for "Tomato and T una Namul with Seaweed. Juicy, sweet and sour tomatoes are matched with the refreshing umami of tuna. The nori, sesame seeds, and garlic give it a flavorful finish.

Tomato and Tuna Nori Namul Recipe

The savory aroma of the sesame seeds and the freshness of the nori seaweed give this dish a rich flavor. The garlic and Chinese soup stock add a punch, making this dish a perfect snack. It is recommended to use well-chilled tomatoes.

Namul (okra, zucchini and myoga)

Here is a simple recipe for "Namul (okra , zucchini and myoga)" that can be made in a microwave oven. The refreshing aroma makes this dish a perfect chopstick rest.

Recipe "Namul (okra, zucchini and myoga)

Okra and zucchini, which are otherwise plain, become richly flavored with the delicious taste of chicken stock and the aroma of sesame seeds. The sesame oil adds richness to the refreshing vegetables. Crunchy fresh myoga accents the texture and flavor. The refreshing aroma and spiciness give the dish a refreshing aftertaste.