Meiji Dear Milk

Meiji Dear Milk"

Sales Area Expanded to Chubu and Kansai

Areas "Meiji Dear Milk," Japan's first ice cream made from "only raw materials and dairy products," will be available in an expanded area starting September 25. In addition to the Kanto area where it is currently sold, it will also be available in the Chubu and Kansai areas.



Milk "Meiji Dear Milk" is an ice cream developed to be "a new milk ice cream that maximizes the taste of milk. It contains only dairy products (manufactured in Tokachi, Hokkaido). Ice cream is originally made by combining dairy products with various ingredients in pursuit of deliciousness, but "Meiji Dear Milk" is an ice cream with "nothing added," using only dairy products as ingredients to bring out the deliciousness of milk, based on the concept of subtraction.

Meiji Dear Milk

The ice-cold concentrate process, a technology that freezes and removes water from raw milk, is used to bring out the original taste of milk. The richness of the milk, refreshing aftertaste, and smooth texture can be enjoyed. In addition to the Kanto area, where the product has been sold to good acclaim, it is now available in the Chubu and Kansai areas. By expanding the sales area, the new product will contribute to increased consumption of dairy products.

The product is 130 ml in volume and is expected to be priced at 216 yen (tax included).

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