Sushiro "Spicy Sea Bream Tangramen".

Sushiro has been selling "spicy tai tanmen" supervised by "Hugging Tai Tai", a tai tanmen specialty restaurant in Higobashi, Osaka, since May 12, 2012. The price is 429 yen for 1 spicy, 440 yen for 2 spicy, and 451 yen for 3 spicy (tax included).

Spicy Taiyan Ramen

The soup of the "Spicy Sea Bream Soup" is based on seafood broth made from Japanese sea bream ara, which Sushiro uses as ingredients in its dishes. It is then seasoned with kelp, sea bream oil with a rich sea bream aroma, and sesame paste, the lifeblood of tantanmen, to create a tantan soup with a concentrated sea bream flavor. The soup, rich with the flavor of sea bream, goes well with Sushiro's medium-thick noodles.

Sushiro "Spicy Sea Bream Tangramen".

The meat miso topping is made from coarsely ground minced pork and seasoned with ground sesame, soy bean sauce, garlic, and other ingredients. The miso topping is made with minced pork, ground sesame, soy bean sauce, garlic, and other seasonings, and then topped with sea bream broth to create a spicy and delicious meat miso with the flavor of sea bream. There are three levels of spiciness to choose from, ranging from "1 spiciness" with the flavor of sansho (Japanese pepper) to "3 spiciness" for a numbing hot taste.

Embracing Sea Bream

Hugging Tai" is a popular restaurant in Higobashi, Osaka that specializes in tai danmen. The chef, who studied French cuisine exclusively for 12 years, created this popular dish by expressing the Japanese ingredient "tai" in a bowl of ramen using French techniques. The soup is characterized by the rich and spicy flavor of the sea bream, which is made using a technique known as "fumet de poisson," a standard French dish.

Embracing Tai Tai "Tai Tang Mian".

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