Sushiro "Toro Salmon, Sockeye Salmon, Salmon Roe and Salmon Roe Tenkomari

Sushiro New Menu, Campaigns and Fairs Summary 2022! To go (To go) ・Limited-period items ・Coupon・Reservation

Here is a summary of new menu items, limited-period items, campaigns and fairs conducted by Sushiro in 2022. Check out To go, coupons, apps, prices, reservations, home delivery, and sales and implementation periods.

In addition to our special limited-time-only sushi, ramen under the supervision of popular restaurants and sweets from the Sushiro Café Department are also available one after another. Information will be updated as needed.

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Some products, campaigns, and fairs that are no longer available may be included.
All prices include tax.
All prices include tax.

The " Ookiri Tenko-Masu Festival " offers popular items in large slices and in heaping portions. The festival will be held from January 18 to January 29.

Sushiro "Ookiri Tenkozai Matsuri Festival

From January 18 to January 29, the "Big Tenkozai Festival" offers a lineup of hearty items such as Toro Salmon and Sockeye Salmon Roe Tenkozai (360 yen/370 yen/390 yen) and Extra Large Jumbo Red Shrimp (120 yen/130 yen/150 yen), etc. From January 25 to January 29, "Tokuneta Double Taro" (180 yen/190 yen/210 yen), which is double in size without changing the price, will be offered. (180 yen/190 yen/210 yen).

The " Sushi Zen~Bu 10%OFF" is a big discount fair where all sushi items are discounted 10% off the tax-included price for in-store eating and drinking only. The period is from January 7 to 15.

Sushiro "Sushi all 10% off".

Standard "Tuna", "Live-clawed Cold Buri", and limited time items are also offered at 10% off from the price including tax. The yellow, red, and black plates, as well as the "Crab Eating Comparison," which appears as the middle plate, can also be enjoyed at a discount. Side dishes, sweets, drinks, and to-go items are not eligible for the 10% discount.


no ehoumaki Sushiya no ehoumaki, popular every year, will be on sale from February 1 to 3. Reservations begin on January 4. Reservations can be made in-store, by phone, or online.

Sushiro Sushiya's "Kaisen Kamitamaki", "Kamitamaki", "Kimpadamaki".

There are three types: "Kaisen Kamitamaki" (760 yen), "Kamitamaki" (490 yen), and "Kimba Tamaki" (490 yen). To go only.


Rider Geets x Rev ise Sushi " Masked Rider Geets x Revise Sushi " is a collaboration with the popular "Masked Rider. The dish includes a crab-style salad with mayonnaise, corn that is boiled in salted water before dressing, tobiko (shishamoko in some areas) with a crunchy texture, and a large portion of freshly fried shrimp tempura.

Sushiro "Kamen Rider Geets x Revise Sushi

Includes one "DATA CARDDASS MASKED RIDER BATTLE GANBA RIDING Card". The card has an original design with a Sushiro store background and comes in four varieties.

Sushiro "Kamen Rider Geets x Revise Sushi

Prices are 360 yen/370 yen/390 yen (varies by store). Sold from December 14 to December 29. No To go available.

(C) Ishimori Productions, TV Asahi, ADK EM, Toei Video, Toei

Winter Luxury Neta Mats uri " Winter Luxury Neta Matsuri" includes "Thick Sea Urchin wrapped in Sea Urchin" and "Salt-finish Gindara" (180 yen/190 yen/210 yen each), "Seared Nodoguro" and "Extra large wild tiger prawn" (360 yen/370 yen/390 yen each) and "Thick Sea Urchin Maze-soba" (470 yen/480 yen/510 yen). The promotion period is from December 14 to January 3.

Sushiro "Winter Gorgeous Neta Festival

Thick Cut Potato Sapporo Potato


Aji " Thick Cut Potato Sapporo Potato BarbeQ Aji" is a side menu in collaboration with Calbee. It will be on sale from November 30 to December 25. The price is 360 yen.

Sushiro "Thick Cut Potato Sapporo Potato BarbeQ Aji

Selected potatoes produced by contract growers in Hokkaido. The wavy, thickly sliced potatoes from Hokkaido are deep-fried in the store to recreate the flavor of "Sapporo Potato BarbeQ Aji". You can enjoy the flavor and spice of chicken and beef, and the deliciousness of freshly fried, flaky potatoes.


Festival The " Crab Festival" features a variety of products made with "Hon Zuwai" and "Maru Zuwai" with the cooperation of crab producers to encourage people to enjoy crab. The festival will be held from November 30 to December 11.

Sushiro "Crab Festival

The lineup includes "Large raw zuwai crab" (360/370/390 yen), "Zuwai tempura with crab miso" (360/370/390 yen), and "Kanimatsumae" (120/130/150 yen). Two pieces of Oki fresh tuna (360/370/390 yen) will also be available as a "Winter Uimamono" item.

Mini Bombee Sushi and King

Bombee S

ushi " Mini Bombee Sushi" and "King Bombee Sushi" are collaboration products with "Momotaro Dentetsu: Showa Heisei 2025 also Standard! ~The "Mini Bomby Sushi" and "King Bomby Sushi" are collaboration products with "Momotaro Dentetsu - Showa Heisei is also standard! They will be on sale from November 16 to December 11. No To go available.

Sushiro "Mini Bombee Sushi" and "King Bombee Sushi

The "Mini Bombee Sushi" (120 yen/130 yen/150 yen, varies by store) is topped with egg salad, crab salad, tuna salad, tenkasu, and more. King Bomby Sushi (360/370/390 yen) is topped with green tuna, red shrimp, grilled Toro salmon, steamed scallops, and other toppings.

The Sushiro collaboration stage will be available for a limited time through a free update available in the Momotetsu game.

Hokkaido Festival " Hokkaido Festival " is a fair featuring seafood from Hokkaido and products made in collaboration with famous restaurants. The fair will run from November 16 to November 27.

Sushiro "Hokkaido Festival

The lineup includes "Hokkaido natural 3-piece (seared Hokke / salmon / whelk)" (360yen/370yen/390yen, depending on the store), "Hokkaido top salmon roe" (360yen/370yen/390yen), and "squid" (180yen/190yen/210yen).

Ishikari Miso Ramen" superv

ised by Ramen Shingen, "

Asahikawa Shouyu Ramen" supervised by Ramen Hachiya,

"Hakodate Shio Ramen" supervised by Hakodate Menkubou A

jisai The "Hakodate Shio Ramen" supervised by Hakodate Menbou Ajisai is now available. Each ramen features the unique characteristics of the restaurant.

Sushiro "Ishikari Miso Ramen," "Asahikawa Shoyu Ramen," "Hakodate Shio Ramen

The ramen will go on sale on November 16, and will end as soon as they are sold out. Priced at 420 yen each (430 yen and 450 yen at some stores), including tax. No To go available.

To go online reservation 10% off campaign "To go online reservation 10% off campaign" is a campaign in which you can get 10% off your bill if you order by 23:00 on the day before the pick-up date via Sushiro application or internet and specify the pick-up date between October 2 and October 30. Campaign. Sushiro's to-go menu includes not only the grand menu, but also a selection of limited-time-only items.

Sushiro "To go online reservation 10% OFF Campaign".

A coupon for 5% off the bill will be printed on the receipt when using the restaurant between September 23 and October 10, and can be used any number of times between October 1 and November 6.

Sushiro "5% OFF Campaign

Yakiago Shio Ramen "Yakiago Shio Ram en" is a menu item supervised by Yakiago Shio Ramen Takahashi, and will go on sale on September 14. The price is 440 yen. No To go.

Sushiro "Baked Eel Salt Ramen

A combination of seafood broth and pork bone-based soup with fragrant grilled sardines. The addition of rich grilled abalone oil adds an aromatic flavor to this salt ramen, giving it a mild, deep taste.

Frozen Fruit in Tea "Frozen Fruit in Tea " is the second collaboration product with tea brand Lipton, and will go on sale on July 22. The price is 308 yen.

Sushiro x Lipton "Frozen Fruit in Tea

Lipton's straight tea is combined with frozen sorbet made from white peaches and mango, frozen strawberries, and fresh lemon. At first you can enjoy the straight flavor of the tea, and by dissolving the frozen sorbet as you drink it, the fruit flavors melt into the tea, transforming it into a fruity black tea.

Unadon Single (

5 pieces

) " Unadon Single (5 pieces )" is available for To go only from July 13 to 31, coinciding with the Doyou no Ushi (day of the ox). The price is 640 yen. The "Eel Bowl Double (10 pieces)" (1,080 yen) and "Eel Bowl Triple (15 pieces)" (1,520 yen) are also available.

Sushiro "Eel bowl single".

In order to maintain freshness and flavor, the eels are freshly cured and steamed to plumpness, then slowly broiled in white, with excess fat removed and the flavor concentrated. Sushiro's original sauce is applied four times over.

Kagoshima Tamakue "Kagoshima Tamakue " is made from tamakue raised in the nutrient-rich Kinko Bay in Kagoshima Prefecture. Price: 330 yen.

Sushiro "Kagoshima Tamakue

This hybrid fish is made from a tamakai, one of the world's largest members of the grouper family, as its father, and a kue, a rare and expensive fish that is popular for its outstanding taste. Tamakue offers the high quality fat of kue and the firm texture of tamakai.

Tuna Big Cutlet "Tuna Big Cutlet" is a collaboration with "Big Cutlet," a long-selling product from SUGURU Co. The price is 110 yen.

Sushiro "Tuna Big Cutlet

The tuna cutlet is deep-fried in the restaurant upon order, resulting in a crispy and juicy cutlet. The tuna is flavored with several spices and sauces to create the Big Katsu's special sauce flavor while taking full advantage of the tuna's delicious flavor.

Packed with goodies, Sushiro's Summer! Sushiro 100 yen Festival (110 yen including

tax) "Full of goodies , Sushiro's summer! Sushiro 100 yen Festival (110 yen including tax)" offers a variety of special deals before the price revision, including large portions, large portions, and large portions. The promotion will run from July 13 to July 31.

Sushiro "Full of good deals, Sushiro's Summer! Sushiro 100 yen Festival (110 yen including tax)".

The "Ookiori Eel," "Ookiori Bincho," "Oosimasu Negimaguro," and "Tenkomari Shirasu Gunkan" will be available for 110 yen. Other items include the new "Roast Beef Mountain" (330 yen) and "Mermaid Parfait - Hawaiian Blue Flavor" (308 yen).

The best of Japan! is at Sushiro. Hokkaido Tohoku Edition

" Japanese Delicacies! is at Sushiro. Hokkaido Tohoku " is a fair where visitors can enjoy foods and specialties from Hokkaido and Tohoku. The fair runs from June 29 to July 10.

Japan's goodness! is at Sushiro. Hokkaido Tohoku

The menu includes "Sanriku Fresh Salmon" (165 yen), "Authentic Shark's Fin Nigiri" (330 yen), "Aomori Fresh Scallops" (330 yen), "Miso Ramen" (429 yen), and "Hokkaido Melon Catalana" (220 yen).

Fruit in Tea Parfait (

White Peach & Mango)

" Fruit in Tea Parfait (White Peach & Mango )" is a collaboration with tea brand "Lipton" and will be released on June 29. The price is 385 yen. No To go available.

Sushiro "Fruit in Tea Parfait (White Peach & Mango)

The base of the parfait consists of "black tea jelly" and "black tea granita" made with Lipton's black tea. The mixed sorbet is made with mango puree, white peach juice, lemon juice, and a sauce with white peach pulp. Topped with white peach compote, whipped cream, lemon and frozen strawberries.

Tanabata Ch irashi " Tanabata Chirashi " is a luxurious chirashi sushi featuring the Milky Way and Tanzaku paper streamers with Sushiro's special ingredients. It will be on sale from June 29 to July 7. Priced at 620 yen for one person and 1,850 yen for two to three people. To go only.

Sushiro "Tanabata Chirashi

The salmon roe, green onion tuna, and crab cake form a shimmering image of the Milky Way, while Sushiro's most popular tuna, shrimp (popular with children), salmon, and other ingredients are arranged on strips of paper with stars made of eggs scattered on the top.

Sushiro Grand New Year's Festival Vol

. 3

For the " Sushiro Grand New Year's Festival Vol. 3," Sushiro has teamed up with Yasu Suisan, a long-established tuna wholesaler that has been in business for over 60 years, to prepare a special natural tuna dish. The promotion will run from June 15 to June 26.

Sushiro Grand Inaugural Festival Part 3

The lineup includes the "Natural Tuna and Natural Indian Tuna Eating Comparison" (1,078 yen) and the "Natural Tuna Eating Comparison (Natural Indian Tuna Red Meat and Torobincho)" (165 yen). For a limited time only, the menu also features a combination of popular items such as "Tuna and Egg" (110 yen) and "Salmon and Shrimp" (110 yen).

Children's Yellow Platter 3 Dishes Free "Children's Yellow Platter 3 Dishes Free" offers a discount on the equivalent of 3 yellow dishes once a day for the number of children in the family. This offer is available for children in the 6th grade or younger eating and drinking in the restaurant. The offer is valid from June 15 to June 26.

Sushiro "Children's Yellow Platter 3 Dishes Equivalent Free".

In addition to sushi, about 140 items including side dishes are available. This is a project that can be enjoyed as many times as you like during the campaign period.

Momo Most Too Much Parfait

The " Momo Most Momo Too Parfait " from the Sushiro Cafe Department is a luxurious parfait that offers a full taste of peaches from top to bottom. The release date is June 1. The price is 363 yen. No To go available.

Sushiro Café Department "Momo Most Too Parfait" (parfait)

Double ice cream consisting of peach marble sherbet with sweet and sour peach sauce and peach milk sherbet, topped with mousse with plenty of peach juice. Aromatic white peach sauce made from puree of Japanese white peaches harvested during the peak of the season, and chunky peach pulp are added.

Hamaguri Shio Ramen "Hamaguri Shio Ramen" is the second ramen under the supervision of "Menya Kaishin. It will go on sale on June 1. The price is 440 yen.

Sushiro "Hamaguri Shio Ramen

The base soup is made by carefully cooking fresh hamaguri clams. The secret ingredient is the flavor of sea bream ara, clams, and kelp. The soup is light yet full of flavor, and is a blissful match for sushi.

Sushiro Grand New Year's Cele bration


. 2 For the " Sushiro Grand New Year's Celebration Vol. 2," Sushiro has developed a menu that incorporates artisanal techniques in collaboration with Mr. Kimura of "Sushi-shijin," a famous sushi restaurant in Toyama Prefecture. The lineup includes "Shiso Nut Scented Seared Mackerel Stick Sushi" (165 yen), "Seared Braised Scallops" (330 yen), and "In-store Steamed Soft and Throat Eel" (583 yen).

Sushiro Grand Inaugural Festival Part 2

Sushiro's famous specials, "100 yen Large Tuna," "100 yen Double Tuna," and "Special Neta Large Tuna Half Price," are available only in the region. A variety of special menus unique to the foundation festival, including triple and double entree items, have been assembled.

Father's Day Online Order Only Discount Campaign "Father's Day Online Order Only Discount Campaign" is an online order only discount campaign for To go items. 400 yen discount will be applied.

Sushiro Father's Day Online Order Only Discount Campaign

Lemon & Orange Rare Cheese Parfait " Lemon & Orange Rare Cheese Parfait" was created by respiracion as "Takumi no Ippai Chapter 2: Originality" and will be released on May 12. Price: 363 yen. No To go available.

Sushiro "Lemon & Orange Rare Cheese Parfait

This parfait is perfect for early summer, with its refreshing lemon and orange flavors and rich lemon butter cream matched with rare cheese ice cream. The orange sauce over the rare cheese ice cream and the crunchy pie crumb inside are also included. You can also enjoy the fresh aroma and freshness of the lemon by squeezing it yourself.

Spicy and delicious sea bream noodle "Spicy and delicious sea bream noodle" is a menu item supervised by "Hugging Sea Bream," a popular sea bream noodle specialty restaurant in Higobashi, Osaka, and will go on sale on May 12. It is not available for To go.

Sushiro "Spicy Sea Bream Tangramen".

The soup is based on seafood broth made from Japanese sea bream ara, which Sushiro uses as ingredients. The flavor of kelp, sea bream oil with a rich sea bream aroma, and kneaded sesame seeds are then combined to create a tantalizing soup with a concentrated sea bream flavor.

Three levels of spiciness can be selected. Prices are 429 yen for 1 spicy, 440 yen for 2 spicy, and 451 yen for 3 spicy.

Sushiro Grand Inaugural Festival Vol. 1 "Sushiro Grand Inaugural Festival Vol. 1" is themed "Shine, Japan's delicious fish. The theme is "Shine, Japan's Delicious Fish. The period of the festival is from May 12 to May 29.

Sushiro Grand Inaugural Festival Part 1

The menu includes "Akabana Tororo Kanpachi" (330 yen), "Double Large Tororo Raw Salmon" (330 yen), "Seared Sea Bream" (110 yen), "Tenkomari Corn" (110 yen), and "Dodeka Catalana" (198 yen).

GW Special Items In addition to the "Golden Week Collaboration Festival" items, " GW Special Items" are also available, offering great value for money and a great eating experience. On sale from April 29 to May 8.

Sushiro "GW Special Neta

The lineup includes "100 yen (110 yen including tax) items," "large-sized" and "jumbo" items. The "large-sized squid" (110 yen), "natural Indian tuna negitoro" (110 yen), and "two pieces of bottleneck tuna" (110 yen) are available.


Minato Selection Set " Akua Minato Selection Set" is a to-go limited item created in collaboration with Sushiro and "Akua Minato," a member of the female VTuber group Hololive. It includes medium fatty tuna, tuna, hamachi, grilled fatty salmon, squid, egg (2 pieces), shrimp, gunkan negi tuna, and salmon roe, and will be on sale on April 22.

Sushiro "Minato Akua Selection Set

Two types of special offers will be available, featuring a specially-drawn illustration of Sushiro in its uniform. The set with original sticker is 1,320 yen, and the set with original acrylic stand is 3,300 yen. Only in-store orders will be accepted. First-come-first-served basis.

Golden Week Collaboration Festival "Golden Week Collaboration Festival " is a fair where you can enjoy the tastes of famous restaurants all at once at Sushiro. The festival will be held from April 20 to May 8.

Sushiro "Golden Week Collaboration Festival

The fair features collaborative products from four famous restaurants: "Haneda Ichiba," a group of fish professionals; "Nikuyama," a famous meat restaurant; "Hishida-ya," a popular set meal restaurant established over 100 years ago; and "Mallorca," a patisserie that received a royal warrant from the Spanish Royal Family.

Mother's Day Online Order Only Discount Campaign "Mother's Day Online Order Only Discount Campaign" is an online order only discount campaign for To go products. If you order items with a total value of 4,000 yen or more by 11 p.m. on May 7, the day before Mother's Day, and specify a pickup date and time between 12 p.m. and 4 p.m. on May 8, you will receive a 400 yen discount on the total value of your order.

Sushiro Mother's Day Online Order Discount Campaign

Encounter with destiny. Passionate Basque Cheesecake Par

fait "Fateful Encounter . Passionate Basque Cheesecake Parfait" is a collaboration between Sushiro Café Department and Patisserie Majorca, a long-established patisserie with a royal warrant from Spain, and will go on sale on April 11. It is priced at 418 yen.

Sushiro Mallorca supervised "Fateful Encounter. Passion Basque Cheesecake Parfait"

Basque cheesecake with a mild and rich flavor, cream cheese and Gouda cheese for depth of flavor, cheese ice cream with burnt butter for a rich and burnt taste, condensed milk mousse, condensed milk & raspberry sorbet, and raspberry jam as an accent.

Reunion of Fate.

Passionate Basque


"Fateful Reunion . Passionate Basque Cheesecake" is another collaboration between Mallorca and Sushiro Café Department, to be released on April 18. It is priced at 308 yen.

Sushiro Mallorca supervised "Fateful Encounter. Passion Basque Cheesecake"

It is a combination of Mallorca's "Basque Cheesecake" and Sushiro's "Briere Cheesecake. Just before serving, the surface is seared with granulated sugar to express the aroma and texture of the brûlée.

The " Ichishi-neta Matsuri" (a festival of "Ichishi-neta" ) includes "Extra Large Jumbo Red Shrimp" (110 yen), "Large Tuna" (110 yen), and "Large Cutlass Squid" (110 yen). The festival will be held from April 12 to 17.

Sushiro "Ichishineta Festival".

Kodawari Ichi-Oshi-neta Festival "Kodawari Ichi-Oshi-neta Festival" is a fair featuring "top quality" ingredients that are difficult to procure in large quantities and products that have been made with a great deal of care and attention in the restaurant. The fair will be held from April 6 to April 11.

Sushiro "Kochi Ichi-Oshi Neta Matsuri" (Festival of Kochi Ichi-Oshi Neta)

The menu includes "Whole Live Abalone" (330 yen), "Rare Tuna Shabu" (330 yen), "Top Quality Toro Katsuo" (110 yen), and "Two Pieces of Raw Tuna" (330 yen).

Sushiro x Pokemon GO

Partner Research As part of the Sushiro x Pokemon GO Partner Research, To go and delivery menu items with tickets to participate in the "Partner Research" event of the "Pokemon GO" game will be available for purchase on April 7.

Sushiro x "Pokemon GO" Partner Research

The menu includes a participation ticket with a promotion code to meet "Nyaby," "Patchoul," "Rattles (Alola's shape)," and "Ivanko. There will be three types of menu items: "Special 12 kinds for 1 person", "Special 10 kinds for 1 person", and "Sukiyaki Kaisen Shari-ben".

(C) 2022 Niantic, Inc. c2022 Pokemon.
(C) 1995-2022 Nintendo/Creatures Inc./GAME FREAK inc.
Pokemon and Pokemon are registered trademarks of Nintendo/Creatures and Game Freak.

Too hao chi!

Taiwan Onigiri


" Too Hao Chi! Taiwan Onigiri Sushi" was jointly developed by Sushiro and Asahi Broadcasting Corporation's "Narumi and Okamura's Too Much TV". It will be sold at Sushiro stores in Osaka, Kyoto, Hyogo, Nara, Wakayama, Shiga, and Tokushima prefectures. Price: 110 yen.

Sushiro "Too Hao Chi! Taiwanese rice ball sushi"

A Sushiro-style arrangement of a Taiwanese gourmet. The crispy texture and sweetness of the deep-fried sponge cake is combined with Sushiro's special rice ball egg and key ingredients such as takana (Chinese cabbage), Chinese pickles, sakura shrimp, and the addictive taste of five-spice powder.

Zenkoku Uaimon Meguri "Zenkoku Uaimon Meguri " is a very popular fair where local ingredients and local stories from all over Japan are gathered together. The fair runs from March 23 to April 3.

Sushiro "Zenkoku Umaimon Meguri" (All Japan Umaimon Meguri)

The lineup includes "Horse Sashimi Eating Comparison" (748 yen), "Mambo Maki (salted musuko and cucumber)" (165 yen), and "Musuko Natto Gunkan" (165 yen). Natural tuna Negitoro (tuna with negi tuna)" using natural tuna with excellent fat content is offered at 110 yen.


Fair The " Strawberry Fair" menu includes the "Strawberry Brûlée Crepe Melba" (308 yen), "Bitter Chocolate Chip Ice Cream and Strawberry Lover's Parfait" (363 yen), "French-style Shortcake that heralds spring" (330 yen), "Ichigo Koichihodo! White Bear Parfait" (363 yen) will be available starting March 7. No To go available.

Sushiro "Strawberry Fair".

Sushiro Momotaro Dentetsu Collaboration

Sushiro and "Momotaro Dentetsu: Showa Heisei, 2025, also a classic! ~ Mini Bomby Sushi (110 yen) and King Bomby Sushi (330 yen), collaborations between Sushiro and "Momotaro Dentetsu: Showa Heisei, also a classic! No To go available.

Sushiro "King Bombee Sushi

The "Mini Bombee Sushi" is made with corn and topped with tuna salad and crab salad. The "King Bombee Sushi" contains salmon roe, tuna, scallops, salmon, and green onion tuna.



Festival " 100 Yen Festival" is a fair where popular items are revived for a limited time only, and customers can also enjoy sea urchin and tuna. The fair will be held from March 9 to March 21.

Sushiro 100 yen Festival

All items are priced at 110 yen (tax included), except for the "Limited Time Only Neta Set" available only for To go. The lineup includes "Thick Sea Urchin Wrapped in Sea Urchin," "TORO," "Sliced Salmon," "Mara Flavor Red Shrimp Fried with Green Onion," and more.

Taiwan Mazesoba "Taiwan Mazesoba" supervised by "Menya Hanabi" will go on sale on March 7. The price is 385 yen. No To go available.

Sushiro "Taiwanese Mazesoba

The dish is a recreation of Taiwanese mazesoba using Menya Hanabi's signature spicy and flavorful special minced meat and deep soy sauce sauce sauce. The half-boiled egg topping is tailored to provide the perfect balance.

Sushiro and Izakaya's Super Deal Campaign "Sushiro and Izakaya's Super Deal Campaign" offers free delivery and up to 1,500 yen discount for ordering Sushiro menu items at Izakaya from February 25 to March 10 and entering the coupon code.

Sushiro and Delivery Kan's Super Deals

There are about 40 menu items available for order at the delivery center, including "10 Kinds of Kaisen Hinachirashi" and "Sukiyaki Kaisen Shari-ben".


's Tuna " Sushiro's Tuna, the Absolute King" is a fair featuring products made from tuna, the king of all tuna.

Sushiro "The absolute king of Sushiro's tunas".

The "Assorted Natural Tuna" (638 yen), "Natural Tuna Large Tuna" (330 yen), "Natural Tuna Medium Tuna" (165 yen), "Comparison of Natural Tuna from Oma" (330 yen), etc. will be available one after another. The "Tuna set with natural tuna" (860 yen) is available only as a to-go set.

White Chocolate and


Lover 's Parfait " White Chocolate and Strawberry Lover's Parfait " will go on sale on February 21. Price: 363 yen. Not available for To go.

Sushiro "White Chocolate and Strawberry Lover's Pipafe"

The parfait is filled with fresh strawberries, strawberry ice cream, and mousse. The white chocolate ice cream is made with a special blend of milk and white chocolate for a milky taste.

Caramel Melted Almond Cake & Butter

Ice Cream

" Caramel Melted Almond Cake & Butter Ice CreamThe "Caramel" is a sweet created by a caramel-loving pastry chef, and will go on sale on February 21. The price is 308 yen. No To go.

Sushiro "Caramel Melted Almond Cake & Butter Ice Cream

The pound cake is soft, warm, and soaked in caramel, and is served with Hokkaido butter ice cream. You can enjoy the texture of almonds, the deep taste of caramel, and the richness of the ice cream.

Warm Sushi with Salmon Roe and Pickled Salmon "Warm Sushi with Salmon Roe and Pickled Sal mon" is a menu item created by Izumi Kimura, an artisan at the famous sushi restaurant "Sushijin" in Toyama Prefecture, and will be released on February 18. The price is 264 yen. No To go.

Sushiro "Warm Sushi with Salmon Roe and Pickled Raw Salmon

The special mixed sardines and broiled egg are steamed in the restaurant and served with salmon roe and mitsuba. The warm, fluffy mixed sardines and new textures are a delight to the eye.

Tohoku Sanriku Umaimonichi "Tohoku Sanriku Umaimonichi " is a fair featuring 15 kinds of local gourmet foods as well as seafood from Sanriku, one of the world's three largest fishing ports. It will be held from February 9 to 20.

Sushiro "Tohoku Sanriku Umaimonichi

Sanriku's seafood includes "Extra Large Jumbo Scallops" (330 yen) and "Authentic Shark's Fin Nigiri" (330 yen). Local delicacies include "Abalone seafood platter (sea urchin and salmon roe)" (330 yen) and "Harako-meshi style seaweed wrapped rice" (165 yen), which is inspired by Miyagi's local cuisine.

10 Kinds of Kaisen Hinachirashi "10 Kinds of Kaisen Hinachirashi" can be reserved in-store, by phone, or online. Reservations can be made in-store, by phone, or online, and will be available from February 23 to March 3. The price is 2,510 yen for two to three servings and 860 yen for one serving.

Sushiro "10 Kinds of Seafood Hinanchirashi

Popular items such as tuna, salmon, shrimp, salmon roe, and crab meat are available. The shari is a mixed shari with shiitake mushrooms and sweetened kanpyo (dried gourd), so you can enjoy a variety of ingredients no matter where you eat.


" Tokuneta Ootoro " The regular price of " Tokuneta Ootoro" is 330 yen, but it is sold at half price (165 yen) only for in-store consumption. Half price does not apply to To go.

Sushiro "Special Neta Ootoro" (Large Tuna)

The "Hon tuna" weighing 120 kg or more is used, and only about 2% of the tuna is selected for the "Kamatoro," a rare and particularly fatty part of the tuna. You can enjoy the sweetness and flavor that melts in your mouth.

Fugu Zukushi The "Fugu Zukushi" fair features a lineup of six items, from sushi to side dishes, so that you can enjoy fugu as if it were a full-course meal. The fair will run from January 28 to February 3.

Sushiro "Fugu Zukushi" Fair

Buyers who are well versed in various ingredients use their experience and knowledge to procure fugu. The menu includes "Torafugu 3-kinds" (748 yen), "Torori Fugu Shirako Tempura" (165 yen), and "Tecchiri Ramen" (418 yen).

Noble Madagascar Chocolat Pudding Parfait The " Noble Madagascar Chocolat Pudding Parfait" from the Sushiro Cafe Department, supervised by Mr. Tsuchiya of the chocolatier "Theobroma," will go on sale January 28. Price: 385 yen. No To go.

Sushiro Cafe Department "Noble Madagascar Chocolat Pudding Parfait"

The chocolate pudding is made from Madagascar cacao beans. Underneath is chocolate ice cream made from the same chocolate, smooth pistachio cream, sour raspberry sauce, and crunchy fiantine.

In-store steamed special eel "In-store steamed special eel" was developed with Izumi Kimura, a craftsman at Sushi Shijin, as part of "Takumi no Ippolito Chapter 2: Originality" and will go on sale on January 19. The price is 583 yen.

Sushiro "In-store steamed special eel".

The "Sushi Shijin" is steamed in the restaurant's steamer, which is a cooking process developed by Ms. Kimura that has never been seen outside of Sushiro. The eel is marinated in Sushiro's special sauce four times, so you can enjoy the taste of the sauce and the original flavor of the eel.



" Torotoro Daiichi " features 17 kinds of products using ingredients with melt-in-your-mouth fatty and melt-in-your-mouth texture.

Sushiro "Toro Toro Daiichi

The lineup includes "Tororoeru Nama Zuwai Kani" (165 yen), "Ippon Tsuri Toro Katsuo" (110 yen), and "Dai Toro Nama King Salmon" (330 yen). The "Toro-neta Zukushi Set" (963 yen) is a to-go set.


's authentic ehoumaki: "Sushiya's authentic ehoumaki" will be on sale from February 1 to 3 as "special Shanghai fresh futomaki," "top futomaki," "kinpa futomaki," and "small roll set. Reservations will be accepted in stores, by phone, and online from January 5.

Sushiro "Special Shanghai Fresh Futomaki", "Top Futomaki", "Kimpa Futomaki".

Prices are 750 yen for the "Special Shanghai Fresh Futomaki," 420 yen for the "Top Futomaki," 420 yen for the "Kimba Futomaki," and 500 yen for the "Small Roll Set. To go only.

Tenko-zakuri Festival " will be held from January 5 as the final event of the "Go To Super Sushiro PROJECT. This is a very popular fair that has been held at Sushiro for many years.


This is one of the largest selections in the past Tenko-Maki-Matsuri Festivals. The lineup includes "Kaisen Bakuso Mountain" (528 yen), "Tenkozomari Salad Tree" (110 yen), and "Large Negimagi Tuna" (110 yen).




Shiawase Butter Potato & Honey Butter

Ice Cream " Shiawase Butter Catalana" and "Shiawase Butter Potato & Honey Butter Ice Cream" are collaboration menu items from Sushiro and Calbee, and will be available on January 5. No To go available.

Sushiro x Calbee "Happiness Butter Catalana" and "Happiness Butter Potato & Honey Butter Ice Cream

The "Happiness Butter Catalana" is characterized by the smooth texture of the catalana and the crispy, aromatic caramelized surface that is seared just before serving. It is priced at 220 yen.

The "Shiawase Butter Potato & Honey Butter Ice Cream" is a thick slice of potato with a powder that is inspired by the taste of "Shiawase Butter" and butter ice cream made with Hokkaido butter, Hokkaido mascarpone cheese, and honey. The price is 308 yen.