"Easy bread pudding in the microwave" recipe

Here are three "bread recipes" that use a microwave oven that were delicious when the En-eating editorial department actually made them. "Easy bread pudding in the microwave", "Mug French toast", "Handmade meat bun". * Click each recipe name link to jump to the detailed recipe article.

Easy bread pudding in the microwave

Introducing the recipe for " easy bread pudding in the microwave ". The fluffy and fluffy texture and the fluffy and fragrant sweetness are unstoppable! You can easily make it in the microwave in 5 minutes, so it's perfect for breakfast or snacks on busy days.

"Easy bread pudding in the microwave" recipe

Mug french toast

No frying pan used! Introducing a simple recipe for " Mug French Toast " that is easy and tastes great. Recommended for busy mornings and snack times.

Simple recipe for "Mug French Toast"

Handmade meat bun

Recently, goods that can be made by hand even at 100-yen shops are on sale, but here is the strongest and simple recipe " Handmade Nikuman " that you can do without buying it! It is best to eat it with vinegar and mustard. It can be used as a snack for sake.

Recipe "Handmade meat bun"